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Week 7 run 3 - had to stop with calf pain

After my last run, which went quite well, I was almost looking forward to this one. The first km went quite well, but then my right calf started to hurt so badly that I had to stop running and limp home. Has that happened to any of you, too? What do you do about it? It got a little bit better but is not ok yet. Should I have tried to soldier on?

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I think most people would advise not to run on an injury but give it some Rest Ice Compression and Elevation (RICE). Do make sure you stretch after your runs. I am just back from the physio as I tried to soldier on when I shouldn't have. Take a rest day or 2 and see how it feels. Are you running on roads/pavements? Grass/mud is kinder than concrete but given it is your calf it might have been still mending from your previous good run. Running causes tears in the muscles that then mend (on rest days) and are stronger than they were previously.

Hope this helps



Thanks for your advice. I think one or two rest days sound rather optimistic, I am still limping miserably. But maybe it will get better overnight.


Ouch :(

I had a calf strain at week 7, after a run not during it, but no way can you run with that. It took a few days but I'm right as rain now :) What worked for me - ice (frozen peas as long as you can and often), gel / anti inflam, rest obviously, and I got a foam roller.....it massages the muscle and seemed to work, but maybe I would've been ok without it too. Oh and you will need a bit of patience too! Good luck.


Thanks! Ok, so I'll just have to be patient - ommmm.


My left calf has been playing up since completing W3R1. It's not painful now although I can still feel it when I walk after sitting around for a while. Im off for W4R1 now.. a bit nervous!


Good luck! Mine is feeling better, but I am still recovering from a cold from hell. Walking feels ok again, but I haven't restarted running..


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