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The highs and lows of this programme

I have FINALLY got my graduate badge so many breaks and psychological battles. A big thank you to all of those who have encouraged me along the way. It has helped so much and also reading about other's journeys.. But having been on such a high I now feel really plunged into a low. My body aches unbelievably (I suffer from arthritis but this is something else) and I feel curiously tearful! I had intended to do some running today but after finishing work have no motivation and could hardly budge from the sofa.

I have heard of over-training and am wondering whether that final push to get the badge on top of a weekend of gardening last weekend has just been too much for my (no longer young) body. Can anyone help?

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Hi Mufasa! Sounds to me like you may just be overtired - totally wiped out with gardening too. It could also be that you are heading for a cold. I know I sometimes feel tearful before a spell of unwellness. Your body may be fighting something off and the running is just too much for the time being. You are working too so you're maybe on a bit of overload.

Be kind to yourself. Take things slow and steady and you will soon be back on top.

Good Luck - and let us know how you are!



Firstly congratulations on being a graduate. May be you are coming down with something and are also exhausted. You enjoy that sofa. You'll be up again when you're feeling well enough. Many get injured after completing as they push themselves too quickly and too soon. So take your time when you're back up and running. You don't have to do 5k every time after graduating. You can mix it up with the other programmes on here or mix some power walks with runs.


Hi Mufasa, weirdly enough I have had very similar experiences this week. Clearing out the pond for a couple of hours and then the only horrible run I've had so far. After the run I felt so wound up I tried to make myself cry to relieve the tension but I couldn't even do that. Maybe the combination of the different types of muscle strain use up different hormones or some such, I'm blaming testosterone as it's a new one on me. Anyway can't explain it but it doesn't feel so nice.

Hey you can change gear now and celebrate your graduation and enjoy a little sofa indulgence if you wish.

Good luck with your future runs, what will be your strategy now?


Thanks for your words of encouragement! Still aching but I don't think I'm getting a cold. Went to yoga today as part of my stretching routine! Going to try and run tomorrow and see how it goes. Not sure what strategy I'm going to adopt!


If you feel really tired then drop the pace down, or start walking and then you can finish off with a run. Good luck.


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