Couch to 5K

morning run

on my last training runs this week all in the day and no ipod so im running naked as they say the plan this week is 5k a 10k weds and 15k friday this i hope will give me a boost for sundays half still seem to be running a bit too fast so ive decided to tag along with the 2hr pace runner and then move on by myself for the final hurdle .this morning was good sun out crisp blue sky so it was a quick to town and back so i just chilled out and enjoyed the ride ,after saturdays grief run its good to back in the happy zone this is why i run . happy running all

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Sounds like you are doing well. You are covering a lot of Km's in a week. I tried running naked once and I became very aware of my breathing. I suppose I will have to try it again as I am not sure I can use an ipod in my race. Happy running.


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