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Help please re downloading

Hi all, the running is going fine, week 5 run 1 done and enjoying it. My stress relates to getting the podcasts onto my Ipod nano. I bought one from the son of a friend and he set it up with the first 3 podcasts, then I managed to get week 4 on. Couldn't get week 5 but then the lad did but as songs. Did w5r1 but the others seem to have disappeared. I have the podcasts in a folder on my computer and also have itunes. Please can someone give me a click by click guide to sorting this out. It is stressing me as I am desperate to do the programme. Thank you

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Has he registered the iPod in your name on iTunes Store? You will need to do that first, it should recognise your email address and you will need your own password. Once that's done and you are connected to the store before you can download. I seem to remember there is a question like "Do you want to register for these Podcasts?" tick that box also. Check also that you have enough memory in your iPod for all the weeks, if you don't you can delete the ones you have completed but keep them on your library in case you want to go back to them at any time. Hope this helps, its a long time since I downloaded mine!!!!


Hi Windswept.

On your PC start iTunes. If your layout is the same as mine default will show a music icon on the left just below File Edit View. Click on this icon and select Podcast from the list. Now select File, from the drop down select Add File to Library. From here you should see the folders on your PC. Find your files and select them, you should be able to do them all at once, then click open. This should copy the files into your Podcast library. Once that is done you need to synchronise your iPod with ITunes.


you should be able to delete any podcast in the music library in the usual way - highlight it and select Edit, Delete. When you synchronise it will remove it from your iPod.


Many thanks for your replies. I will give it a try.


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