Trouble downloading C25K +

Hi all

As the title. Every time I try to download the podcasts to my iPad or iPhone I keep getting the following error message : 'The URL can't be shown'.

I had this problem with the c25k and ended up with it only downloading onto my iPad but it didn't have any music. Now I can't seem to be able to download to either iPhone or iPad.

Am I missing something obvious here, people? Any help most gratefully received.

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  • hi Paul, try this link

    Best regards, and good luck!

  • Thanks, Ana. Managed to download but then couldn't open the file type!

  • you need to download in your pc, the files are compressed, you can uncompress them with Winrar, use the free version, works fine

  • Ah, right. Thanks Ana. I've now downloaded to iTunes on my PC and then to my phone so all ok now. Thanks again ;)

  • HI Paul, I had trouble too so I downloaded on to my computer first then to my iphone. Good luck!

  • Thanks, Carole. I'll try that.

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