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Hi everyone

I have just graduated and am going to start the 5+ podcasts....not sure where to they all have the same amount of beats in each podcast, so does it matter which one I do first, is their a particular order.... I will be going 3 times a week with a complete rest day in between so my first week what should I do....I am really not sure, is the Stepping Stones the slowest one, should I do that first and then a Stamina and then a Speed....Somebody help me please....I just dont know !!! Thankyou

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Hi Pinkus - I have been trying these three out and I think Stamina is the hardest. Stepping stones is kind of a bridge between Wk 9 and Stamina IMO.

Some folks seem to find Stepping Stones easy, others find it hard - it depends on how fast you were already going when you did week 9! I found myself doing about 3.5km in 30 mins, which I thought was a bit pathetic, and I found Stepping Stones quite hard, and stamina even harder! I've ditched Stepping Stones now and am alternating Speed and Stamina with the audiofuel rollercoaster (which is longer than the Stamina podcast, but doesn't have quite as much running at 160 bpm).

The speed one is surprisingly not too bad, it is quite short and has bursts of fast and slow running.

I'd recommend starting with Stepping Stones and see how you get on with it.

Others have started using their own music, or doing a week 9 run AND a burst of week 1. I'm thinking of doing that once I have got 5k in 40 mins under my belt...

Good luck, let us know how you get on!


Thanks Chocotwit.....for the advice, yes I have read that many people did find stepping stones too slow but I will give it a go and see. I would'nt mind downloading my own music to run to but not sure how many bpm it should have etc. I also love your name Chocotwit....can you explain why you chose it... would love to know...

Pinkus xx


Hi Chocotwit....Sorry but I forgot to ask you where is the Audiofuel Rollercoaster music that you downloaded.. I went on their website but could not seem to see it, saw the free samples that you can download, but not the Rollercoaster, is it for free or do you have to pay....wouldnt mind checking it out.




Hi Again Chocotwit.....Dont worry I finally found the Rollercoaster track on Audiofuel.....sounds quite good. Have you tried it yet, if so what did you think of it.....


I tried it yesterday and quite liked it, the dj mix suits me because it starts off and builds up to a crescendo half way and then calms down again. Not sure it is worth the cash though given that the podcasts are free and it has much of the same music


I agree - start with Stepping Stones, and if it feels like you're going slower than your preferred speed, go on to Stamina. You can alternate Stamina with Speed (which is 1 minute intervals and you shouldn't do it more than once a week to start with apparently) and another run to your own music or whatever. Some people use the Speed podcast or W1 podcast and do their own fast section/slow section thing. Whatever turns you on!

Just keep running! :-)


Thanks Mitts for your input too, its muchly appreciated and I will try the stepping stones tommorrow morning to see how I go. Oh and I will keep running thats for sure, have come too far to stop now.

Pinkus xx


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