Interval training, phew! What are other recent graduates doing?

This is my second week after graduation and thought I'd try something new after doing 3 5k's last week but not improving my time so did 5 mins normal jog then 1 minute as fast as could go followed by 2 minutes walking (7 times) then did 5 minute jog at end. Seriously felt like I was dieing! Thought I'd be sick! The speed podcasts got me all confused and I couldn't keep to beat so just thought I'd invent my own interval training but wow was it hard!

How are all the other recent graduates getting on and what are you doing now?

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  • If your new to interval training, sprinting for 1 minute intervals is going to be very hard. Perhaps shorter bursts will help. I used lamp posts and sprinted for 1 then recovery slow jogged for 2. The first time I did this I only managed 5 sprints. Warm up jog of 5 minutes then same for cool down. The good thing about intervals is its calorie burning long after you have stopped working out. I also used this system when swimming, (lengths, 1 front crawl & recovery 2 breast stoke) it paid great dividends. Well done though and its just like the running at the start we all found it so incredibly hard but it will get easier. I loved doing intervals I hope others do too. Good luck

  • Interval training is only what we did in W1D1 :) It is the speed of the run during those intervals that turns it into "interval training" -- that is my take on it anyway. I have done a few sessions of 1 minute running/ 90 seconds walking (ala W1D1) where I have increased the speed of the running periods over and above what I did when doing W1D1 for the first time -- but only so far as I was able to finish the 8 repeats ( as we did iwhen doing W1D1).

    The "problem" I see for people like us is the temptation to go TOO fast during these intervals - and hurting ourselves . The fact that we have completed C25K and can even maybe now run 10Ks , does not turn us into sprinters. I have been pondering what to do now that C25K is finished -- maybe go onto B210K ?? - but there is another option of doing C25K again from the start BUT this time doing it faster and harder than I did it the first time. The emphasis would still be on finishing each day's run -- but better and faster this time around. I am thinking this would avoid excesses which could lead to injury.

  • Thanks so much for the replies. Oldgirl I think you are right! 1 minute was loads! Haha! Bazza that's a good idea I might try that, think I got a bit over enthusiastic!

    I am thinking of doing 1 run a week as intervals, 1 as a bridge to 10k and 1 5k to try and improve my time - does this sound viable?

  • I think that would be excellent - I try to do it myself . The intervals day introduces speed, the B210K day introduces extra length and endurance and the 5K non-stop maintains you ability to run 5K non-stop) but I don't think that you should try to get a PB doing this every week)

  • Hello :)

    I'm in my third week after graduation and just started week 3 of B210K. I'm enjoying it and I'm quite amazed to find myself running for 51 minutes with only 2 one minute walking breaks.

    When i'm done with the ever increasing distances of this programme I'm definitely going to try some kind of interval training and go back to doing some shorter runs at hopefully faster speeds :)

    Your interval run sounds exhausting! Nice to hear what other graduates are up to though and good luck :)

  • Thanks emkeenan :-) it is nice to hear how others are doing? I feel that I'll never manage to run for that long so have to keep reminding myself that I never thought I'd manage to run 30 minutes!

    Which B210k programme are you doing? I couldn't get the Samantha murphy link to work so have downloaded podcasts by Suz though I've not listened to them yet!

  • I managed to get the Sam Murphy links to work, but only on my third attempt! As you can see from my other posts and other peoples she has her pros and cons. Overall I am enjoying it as I think I need the structure and I'm quite amazed at how long I'm running for, but I do face every new week with some trepidation!

    Let me know how you go on :)

  • Thanks Bazza :-) that's great! I am trying not to push myself too hard and get injured but I feel I'm a wee bit lost without Laura and the C25k podcasts!

  • I like the look of the BUPA plan, it is more gradual - I don't like the look of doing 60 minutes each day at the end of the B210K plan -- I also never really liked the later part of the C25K plan and made it also a bit more gradual ( for me)

  • What did you download them on? I'm on my iPhone and try to use the link on here but it just says file can't be downloaded, hopefully the one I've managed to get won't be hugely different, it's just the music that's weird.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying it through, hope it continues to go well :-)

  • Thanks kittykat :-)

    It's exciting having so many options for going forward (never thought I'd say that about running!)

  • Since I've graduated, I've missed Laura, so gone back to intervals in weeks 5 & 6 to try and increase pace. I'm doing the 5 or 8 minute segments at a increased but still relatively comfortable pace, then walking the normal bits. I haven't done 5k yet, even including the 5 minute warm up & cool down. But when I did a 30 minute run after the few interval sessions I did go faster / farther. Not sure if this plan makes sense, but feels like a good enough plan until I decide what's next.

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