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Please help - struggling !!

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I have only just joined the forum - despite having been an avid reader of the questions over the last two months....

Feeling really deflated and confused and would appreciate others input ..

Its just that I have got to week 8 and have really enjoyed it - to the point of being quite obsessive and boring every one with how great it is...

But the last run of W7 , and the first run of W8 has been awful. Surely I should be finding this easier ...I did complete it but really hated the whole thing - and didnt get that smug feeling after of feeling all proud of myself?!

I am very slow - ran 3.9k in 28 mins.. It doesnt help that the weight hasnt been falling off like I'd imagined it would! So my question is - does it click in again and get more enjoyable as you continue. I suppose the actual 'running' has only just started ....

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You've answered your own question; it has only just started and you are just having a couple of 'bad' runs as your body gets used to running continuously without any running breaks.

A year on I still have lots of runs that I don't enjoy, but when I have a good run I feel so brilliant that it makes up for all the 'bad' ones.

Also, even the runs that aren't enjoyable are still good for me; better than being back on that couch :)

Don't worry for one minute about how far you are running; that can all come later on, just be proud of the fact that you are running now and how much fitter you are :)

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I know exactly how you feel. I graduated a couple of weeks ago but I am still very very slow and have been mentally struggling this week. On Friday I did 4K in 33 mins, so slower than you, I started off too fast in the first 5 mins and then paid the price for the rest of the run and I found it very difficult. I also had a difficult run for W8R1 when I did the same. So I've had a few uncertain days lately thinking about it, wondering really if I'm cut out for running, will I ever get faster or develop a 'nicer' running style. I was also concerned over people's stats and how they seemed to be much faster than me.

But I think something clicked in me over the weekend, in that I realised I'm not racing or competing against anyone else and other than interest in how people are doing, everyone else's stats should be of no concern to me and I don't mean that in a bad way, just that it's all relative, and I will just do the best I can in the future, so that I enjoy the run for the run's sake.

So don't worry about the bad couple of runs, I think it's just something that we go through. But start to think positively, you've been running now for quite a few weeks which is great. I've been running now for 11 weeks. Before then I couldn't run for 1 minute, now I'm running for 33 mins without stopping and you're doing 28 mins (by the way I found week 9 easier than week 8).

If you think about it we're actually doing brilliantly!!!

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Had just typed a long response but it's disappeared! You are doing fab, it's just a couple of bad runs. I had those in w8 and moved on to w9 without finishing all 3. A month past graduation I still have bad runs but as Teresa says the good ones make them worthwhile.

Hope the next one is better :)

Minuette - you are so is only our own stats we should be worried about as we are all so different and have started the programme at different levels of fitness.

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I've felt that in Weeks 7 and 8 perhaps your body has to work harder at recovering between the longer runs -I've certainly been feeling a bit worn out at times.

Stats are interesting but only really of any use when you use them to monitor your own progress - no point in comparing with anyone else, we're all different anyway.

If you want statistics: In week one, you ran for 60 seconds at a time. In week 8 you run for 1,680 seconds at a time. That's a 2,700% increase !!!! Now tell me you're not doing brilliantly :-)

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Hey veryslowrunner - I know we've said comparisons are odious..... :-) but your time is flippin brilliant compared to mine at the same stage!! I was only getting as far as 3km in 30 mins..... however since graduating I've speeded up a bit and am continuing to do so (currently doing between 8 and 8.30 mins per km)..... SOOOOOO I'm wondering whether you're setting out too fast because you're pressurising yourself to get a better time? That is the surest-fire way of making yourself feel 'orrible - and I'm pretty certain we all do it!!

My weight hsn't budged either...... if that's any consolation!

Thank you for all your comments!

Its made me think - was in denial about trying to go faster - but come to think of it I have been using the Nike + app - and at every time interval it also tells me my pace - last night it said at one point I was going a bit faster than normal - so I think I sped up a bit more to show off! Plus there were lots of skinny runners around last night charging past me....

Will make sure I slow down - and try and remember that running for 28mins for an overweight 43 year old mum of two is maybe not so bad ! Thank you!!

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Don't worry about the other runners! When I pass people who are effortlessly striding along, hardly breaking a sweat I remind myself that for all they know I could be struggling through mile 9 of a 10 mile run! Not minute 9 of a 10 minute run! They are only passing you once so can't find out anything about you! Try to look super smug :-) And I think you are doing amazingly! I'm also a bit overweight and I think that it will help to tone in the long run, even if the weight doesn't fall off as quickly as I'd like.

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Ha ha you're not slow - you're positively speedy gonzales!! I am graduated and now doing 5km in 43mins (7km/h) - you are doing 8.4km/h - a speed i can only dream of!! Well done and keep up the good work! I may have to rename myself veryVERYslowrunner in your honour!

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I have come to the conclusion that my legs and head are actually not connected at all! My head says "go faster" and my legs say "not on your life!" So I have learn't to get used to it - about to start week 6! I am beating myself up for nothing - 6 weeks ago I couldn't have run down the street, and now I can (slowly) run for 20mins! Laura is right - I do deserve a pat on the back - and so do you - don't be hard on yourself - as everyone else has said - you (and all the rest of us triers ) are doing really well!

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Try running at a different time of the day. Personally I usually find morning running really hard, I much prefer the evenings. Don't worry about the speed either - I'm concentrating on time and distance rather than speed and find that a nice easy rhythm works well. I'm sure the speed will come as you progress. I've never done any running before and I'm 56 and it's worked for me. Keep at it and I'm sure it will kick in again. Best of luck.

Just wanted to post to say thank you for all the advice.. I took it on board and the remaining W8 runs were actually enjoyable.. Have completed W9 R1.. The best I have felt yet.. Did 33 mins and felt like I could have kept going.. Felt amazing afterwards!! Keeping it slow and at a steady pace made all the difference! Great advice.. Thank you!

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