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Techie heads please help!


So I am now doing some free running (meaning without Laura) and I use an iPod touch for podcasts and mapymyrun. A couple of Mapmyrun questions first. Mine is hit and miss and sometimes it only times me with no distance and it appears I have to have a connection to log the runs. Does anyone have any tips on it?

I like to run to music, use the podcasts, have my distance and time recorded - what do the experts suggest is the best way to do this?

I am going on hols next week and I know there is no internet (a proper break) but I am cramming in my runners so want to be sorted out before then.


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Hello Nelly. I think apps like MapMyRun/MapMyWalk will need to have a connection (i.e. 3G on a smartphone) because it will track your distance via GPS. Without a connection, it has no idea how fast you're going over the time of your run, so will be unable to calculate the distance. Hope you can find something else that works for you.

You would need connection for the gps to work. So you'd need to pop it onto your smart phone.


Ok so what about the gamins everyone talks about - maybe one of them? Will do more research but I think I get it now so thanks for the replies!


As far as I know, the iPod Touch doesn't have a full GPS unit in it. It uses WiFi to work out "approximately" where you are. This explains why on some runs you have some info and on others you don't get any location information of value. The iPhone is a different beast and with this you can use the GPS without WiFi and 3G data turned on and it will still store your information locally in the phone until you have an internet connection... this is what I used to do when travelling before the Garmin.

A Garmin has a GPS built in and will store your runs in the watch until you connect it back to your computer for upload, including location, timing and all sorts of other useful (or useless) information on your run...

Having said all that, there is a way you can get some idea of your timings without the fancy toys...

1) Create a route in MapMyRun (on your PC) before you head out - that way you'll see the distance you've mapped out. The maps are global so you can map anywhere in the world!

2) Use a stopwatch to time your run.

3) Based on 1 and 2 you can then roughly work out your timings.

4) Alternatively, time your runs when you're out and then when you get back map out the routes you ran on MapMyRun (on your PC) to get a rough idea of distance.

Above all, have a great holiday and just enjoy the running! Holiday runs are for fun... :)

NellyharteGraduate in reply to aussiegtc

Hey thanks Aussie excellent advice. Can't afford a garmin at the moment as I know that would do what i want but your other tips are great. Since my post I have researched a bit more as I have a blackberry q5 and I have found some suitable apps for this which might work. Would like to be able to take as little as possible with me on my if my bob can do it all I am happy with that. Thanks again. Xx

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