Week 2 run 1 - I did it!

After not managing to fit a run in at all last week I decided to plough on to week 2 regardless this morning, and I'm still alive to tell the tale. The last 90 seconds was a challenge - running uphill in the rain with the wind blowing hard in my face, and if it had gone on for one second more I think I would have given up. I ended up nearer to home than last time (which means I must be getting faster, right?) so I had to walk further on the cool down and hadn't quite reached home when my phone started playing the week 3 run, so I listened in, only to find there are 2 90 second runs, followed by 2 THREE MINUTE runs - I'm trying not to think about it too much, but holy cow, how will I manage that?

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  • Well done! I did W2 R1 today also, and just about avoided the rain! (I'm trying to not think about week 3 also...)

    The aching has started to set in a little bit now (I ran at 7:30am). Definitely not as bad as week 1 though - main twinges are in my left calf.

    Feels great though when you finish doesn't it! :-D

  • You will do it! i did the same thing each week of listening in to the next one, but don't worry i'm sure you will be surprised how much you've improved even in those 1st 2 weeks... don't know how it works but it does! GOOD LUCK!

  • It does work! Have faith in Laura & you will get there. I was hoping to start W5 tomorrow but have had a technoglitch with Ipod so will do a W4 run again & hopefully tomorrow night find a young person to sort my IT problem!!

  • Thanks all - I actually feel great today, no aches and pains like week 1, but I did do a bit more stretching afterwards than the first week. We'll see if I feel the same tomorrow! It's always encouraging to hear you're not the only one wondering how you're going to manage the next week - probably the best way to do it is not think ahead, just take each run as it comes. I actually told a friend today that "I run now, and I love it", after she was going on about her expensive spin class that she hates (obviously I didn't mention I've only done 4 runs!)

    Onwards and upwards!

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