Couch to 5K

Completed first run of week 7

Got up early this morning and competed my first week 7 run and decided today to do a completely different route. Big mistake as a group of 20 something's passed me running and talking but thought to myself I have trained hard for this and they were not going to spoil all my hard work. First 20 mins went smoothly but decided the last 5 to up the pace and it was a long 5 mins but with determination I completed it. It can only get easier.

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Well done! sound like you had a great run. Its strange at first doing a new route, i have done the same one more or less all through the programme but last thurs tried a new really different route and really enjoyed it!

I had to run past a group of 3 teenage boys last week but just thought they probably won't even notice me, getting a bit more confident as the weeks progress! :) Glad your group of 20 somethings didn't put you off............


Hurray for you! Sounds like you did really well. I'm doing R2 of week 7 tonight - go us!! :)


Hope your run 2 went well. I also decided to do my second run this morning and felt really good. Going to have a rest day tomorrow and hopefully do last run on Wednesday.


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