Done done done! Kids are on half term and I nearly didn't bother going out but then at 4pm decided that we all needed to get out, went to the playing fields, kids played footie and I did laps of the field!! It was singularly the most boring run I've done so far, going round in circles doesn't do it for me but the flat surface really helped me get a good rhythm going and it was very maintainable..... even at the end when Laura said speed up I managed a full 60s at 10min/mile which is fast for me..... this program is working beyond all my expectations and I could cry with gratitude, I am becoming a runner, I miss it if I don't get out and I'm finding myself daydreaming about being able to go out on my own when I'm stressed (like when the kids stuck the garden hose through the catflap and flooded the kitchen this morning). Already looking forward to week 7, well done everyone else who is working through it at the moment, I feel very proud of everyone :D


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8 Replies

  • That made me laugh.. But thats superb multitasking getting kids sorted and doing your run... Well done!!!

  • Well done and like you I am so grateful for what this programme is doing for me - wk 8 run 2- bring it on!! x

  • Haha kids! Good idea to run around park. I'm in a bit of a slump right now having done right up to week 8 last summer, but now dropped back to week 4 after a gap. I've kind of got stuck there too as not being consistent with getting out. Hoping to feel like you again very soon!

  • Well done. It is so hard to find the time when other responsibilities crowd in ! I hope you gave the children a mop to clean up this morning!!!!!!!

  • Oh, I love that idea! We have a big field here with a playground on one side, my kids are old enough to play on the swings now while I do a few laps.

    Can totally relate to what you are saying about the head clearing. I love my kids and my job but after a day of them both, it is so nice to get out for 1/2 hour with fresh air and music, and get rid of all of the stress!

  • Sorry but I laughed at the hose/ catflap scenario. Well you either laugh or cry at those moments, don't you? Well done for multi-tasking with the run anyway. Excellent. I'm learning Spanish with my running, find it really takes my mind off the running, which is only a good thing. Not sure how well I'm doing with the language though, but it's great to get two things sort of done at once ;-)

  • Ha ha! I would have got my own back on the kids by sticking their head through the catflap and then turning the hose on them. Good game , good game!

    Try and find time for your runs as its your time and you deserve it.

  • Ha ha! I'm with Miss wobble. Well done for excellent control and being calm enough to come up with a win win solution.

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