Running Like a Girl

My husband just joined me in NZ and brought this book which I had ordered from Amazon before I left the UK. Although I am a pretty ancient 'girl'I am totally inspired by it and am now determined to push myself to the limit tomorrow and get a new 5K PB. Maybe if I announce it on here I will actually do it... That just means sub 38 minutes so surely not too much of an ask, especially in the sun. Watch this space.

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  • You can do it!

    I'm going to look for this book, sounds like an inspirational read, which would be pretty handy!

    Good luck iwth the next run :)

  • I have read this book twice & it truly is a inspirational book . I'm like you a ancient girl lol , but why should that stop us ! Good luck for tomorrow & look forward to your post

  • Old biddy runner here too and have read about Hemmo's exploits. I aint never gonna run a marathon. That sort of pressure is not for me, no siree bob! Interesting read though

  • No, I think that would be a few steps too far for me! Now if I were 30 years younger,maybe...

  • Oh I don't know ....... Lol

  • It's a good read..mine was a Christmas present,but a late one as I had to wait for a re-print ,so I read it just a few weeks ago . Enjoyed it and she has some great tips for running generally ...even for those of us unlikely to manage a marathon !

    I wish I'd read it right at the start of C25K as it's quite inspiring.

    I know it will be a book I will dip back into from time to time .

    Good luck tomorrow with the PB :)

  • I've just read that book too - it's very inspiring! I didn't inspire me to run a marathon though... :)

  • I'm reading it at the moment and finding it a real inspiration- I have 2x 10kms planned for this year and I am now thinking about doing a half marathon next year.......who knows the year after! You have to believe in yourself!

  • The only thing that puts me off about her is that she is rather disparaging about older slower runners in marathons, grouping them with people messing about in fancy dress and feeling it a bit of a disgrace to be running in the same group as them. She doesn't seem to acknowlege that in their own way they are meeting a personal challenge just as she is, though I haven't reached the end of the book yet so maybe she sees the light eventually. I know she has a few humbling moments when she meets blind and disabled runners.

  • I agree with your comments. Having read a mention of this book in a recent post I borrowed it from the library. It wasn't for me and I returned it unfinished! Maybe once I've graduated I'll give it another go. Then again, maybe not.

  • I enjoyed the book. I particularly liked the bits about buying kit etc . I was so nervous buying my running shoes & good to hear it wasn't just me. Loved the way her friends & family supported her during the runs. It sounds like the encouragement outweighed the self consciousness.

  • I may have to try this book every is talking about!? You can do it!! Good luck (not that you'll need it eh?!) :D

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