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Running Like A Girl

Has anyone read Alexandra Heminsley's 'Running Like a Girl'?

I've just finished it and wholeheartedly recommend it as present to yourself at Christmas!

Alexandra started running from scratch in her 30s and the book starts with her nearly collapsing after a couple of minutes running round the block (ah, memories!). 6 years later she's run 5 marathons.

There are chapters on shopping for sports bras, running shoes, the embarrasment of wearing tight fitting lycra, needing the loo when running, bad runs, injury etc..

The book is light hearted, warm and funny. The best bit is, every sentence is true and I laughed at myself as much as her.

Most of all though, it's so inspiring. The bit I keep mulling over is when her friends refer to her as being naturally good at running. Her response to that is 'I'm not a natural runner. I choose to run.'

Realising this means gives me hope I can run the Leeds Half in 5 months even though I was rubbish at sport in school and only graduated 2 months ago.

Anyway, to summarise, what a book! I recommend it.


PS) Oh, and I'm not her agent by the way!!! ;-)

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Hi Jenny

I read it week 3/4, as recommended by a friend of mine. It's great for a bit of inspiration and as you say shows the side to running from someone who struggles, just like the rest of us - I too highly recommend! :)


I've read it , brilliant book


I've read it too. Very funny and motivational.


Yes I've read it too. Really enjoyed it. I also recommend it. :-)


I read it after Rockette recommended it to me. It was very funny and motivational. I did think there seemed to be a big jump from her puffing round the block to running the marathon (unless I was missing pages on my nook!) and I would have liked her to have touched on the transition a bit more personally, since that's where I am at the moment. I do stalk her now on Twitter though! :-)


I've read it and enjoyed it too! For anyone on a weight loss journey I also loved 'The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl' by Shauna Reid. Very funny and inspiring (I am re-reading it to get me in the mood for getting the next 2 stones off, having lost 3 stones 9lbs leading up to my 50th birthday last week...)


Yes i also read it on Rockettes recommondation I got it from library and loved it

Popy1010- I will try and get hold of diet girl as lost some weight but more to go and needing to keep motivated Thanks


It's always good when you can re-read book and squeeze a bit more motivation out of it!


Yes Jenwrenarm, there seemed to be one or two chapters missing covering miles 3 to 20!


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