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A first for me today!

No not a new PB, but I finally gave in to the awful weather and went to the gym and did my run today on the treadmill for the first time ever.

I must admit it was good to be out of the wind, snow and rain and it does feel a bit more forgiving on the joints. For once I didn't have to concentrate on where to put my feet so had plenty of time to be nosy about what everyone else was up to.

I struggled to get the speed right and ended up running slower but longer than usual but all in all it wasn't too bad.

It did take me a while to find my 'land' legs when I got off though - very strange!

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Any port in a storm, though! X


I use my gym as back up for when the weather is really ugh but now I have done a bit more outside running, I find the gym far too hot!


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