First Parkrun 5k today

I did it! I ran all the way! The first mile took under 10mins so I am told this makes me a runner, but for the rest I was slower. It was raining so I got soaked but it didn't bother me once out running. The second mile I found the hardest; my legs felt heavy and I thought I was going to have to walk, but by the third mile my legs got lighter and I was able to manage to put in a (very short) spurt to reach the finish in 32:03mins which I was pleased with. It's entirely due to my companion that I didn't give up, and I'm so grateful to her for talking me through the 2nd half.

I got an e-mail saying I was 2nd in my age category, but when I viewed the results there were only 2 in it! At least I wasn't last, in fact I was 132nd/181. I felt sick half way round but am feeling better now that I've eaten and rested. I was able to wander round Taunton shops for the rest of the day and am leading a 10k charity walk tomorrow so my recovery time must have benefitted from the training long term although my running time has plateau-ed. I think I may have agreed to do it again now - caught in a weak moment!

I posted that I had lost the plot a few days before doing the parkrun. I really didn't think I could do it. Thanks for all the replies and advice from other C25k runners in this community.

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  • Surely it's the running in the rain that makes you a runner ;-) Well done on completing your first parkrun!

  • Fantastic achievement!

  • Well done , inspiring and keeping my spirits up that one day I too can complete a 5k run.

  • Yes very inspiring , posts like this really spur me on , well done you must be feeling really proud of your self

  • Congrats and well done! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Definitely a runner. Well done.

  • Parkrun is great well done on your time .

  • Well done and a great time for your first run. Welcome to park run but be warned it is addictive and you may find yourself planning your weekends around it

  • Well done, you are definatley a runner now especially with that fantastic time!

  • Thank you to all for your messages. I fear it may be addictive as my companion is planning to carry on 'training' me. Not sure if I can live up to her expectations of improving. Anyway I'm up for giving it a go. Anything to make it easier; the first one was sooo... HARD!

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