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Does anyone use an Ipod Touch with Apps for mapping their running?


Back on the hunt for something instead of a Garmin as they are just too big for my little wrist/arm. Youngest son has given me a borrow of his Ipod Touch for a couple of days to see how I get on with it, WOW this is one very smart piece of equipment. Son downloaded Smartrunner for me to try out. So yesterday I went out with 2 Ipods, mine for my own music and son's for Smartrunner, I was amazed how easy it was, it logged my route, distance, time, calories burned. Does anyone else use this and have they found it a good buy?

I have Sky Broadband so iCloud is free too. :)

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I use runkeeper myself- which is very similar, it tracks your route, distance, time, speed and calories burnt which it then uploads to a website for a more detailed analysis. You can also use it as a music program and it'll time your intervals for you- I tend to use it a few times a week once I've had one or two sessions of Laura. Not quite as friendly as Laura (you get a little ping, then it says next interval), but it does tell you your distance plus speed every 1km or so which is an awesome pick up if you're starting to get tired mid jog.

It's a fantastic little program, and it's free. You can upgrade for a small fee, but honestly the free programs pretty solid: it seems pretty similar to smartrunner bar the fact you can just take the one ipod for runkeeper. :)

OldgirlGraduate in reply to Pixel

Many thanks Pixel for your reply, will probably buy one because I've been impressed with it. The only reason I took the two Ipods was I didn't think my son's music would be to my taste and wasn't sure what sort of beat it would have so opted for my own and playlist. I think the Ipod Touch 32Gb is about the same price as the Garmin 410 at least the Ipod will do a lot more and has a good camera built in too. Just means my lovely little pink Ipod Nano will need a good home if thats the route I take.


Do iPods also have gps for mapping your run? I wasn't sure they would (I have no idea about technology).

PixelGraduate in reply to Anonymous36

I believe the iPod touch has to have a wifi signal for the GPS to work (hence the iCloud) whilst an iPhone has a full GPS chip. Hope this helps!

tygfuzGraduate in reply to Anonymous36

I have an ipod and the answer's no. I am looking at add ons to give it GPS.There is a Magellan case which makes it waterproof, has a GPS chip better than the iphone and increases battery life. There is also a bluetooth gadget that give GPS aswell.

ZeiDem in reply to tygfuz

Have you tried the Magellan case with your IPOD touch? It sucks that GPS doesnt work on IPOD touch.


Son's Ipod Touch is new version IOS 32Gb which has GPS that links automatically when switched on. It also has email with internet too, camera & video. We both have Sky Broadband which gives iCloud free so no connection charges(new service) I did a run yesterday using GPS and it logged it very accurately, even showed me crossing a road and back when I came across workmen!! I'm most impressed and having had a look on the ITunes Store tonight there are loads of free Apps you can download for mapping your runs and other exercise programs.

Decided to order mine from Amazon tomorrow cos he wants his back on Saturday, ah well it was great to have a preview.


In answer to your question Anonymous36, no not all Ipods have this and my Ipod Nano 16Gb cannot download Apps to it, either only Podcasts. The new Ipod Touch Generation 5 is the one with GPS build into it. Comes in 8, 32 & 64Gb.

Anonymous36Graduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thanks. I have an iPhone so I use that but a friend only has an iPod and I wasn't sure about the gps for her to màp it.


There is always the new MotoActv - GPS Fitness Tracker with integrated smart mp3 player... it looks rather nice!


I use my I phone now to listen to the podcasts and use an app called endomondo which is a fab free app and v easy to use :)


My nike+GPS has now updated to Nike+ Runner. Has anyone tried it yet. I'm off the road with a bad cough at the moment. It doesn't need a sensor any more.


I use Endomondo and love it! Can log on online afterwards and see even more info too which is great :)

my ipod nano has nike fitness + section where u can walk/ run and it records your time/distance/ calories burned. You can run to music/radio/ podcasts. It also records your history personal bests and workout totals. It has a coach but not as good as laura!

You can upload it to the nike running website but i havent tried this.

I can recommend this as it very easy to use. Also last week tiger woods told me i had just done my longest workout yet and congratulated me! Bit of an odd motivator but made be laugh!

I use "run keeper" after trying a few I found this one suits me. You can use it along side the pod cast from C25K. Like Pikel I like that you can also put your playlist on it which I intend to do once I Graduate.

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