Couch to 5K

Panthers cub and panthers paws


I managed a session doing speed this week with the delicious was good, and over so quickly!!!

Parkrun on Saturday no PB but I managed my fastest 1 k at 4.53...a bit miffed as I had to stop as my shoelace had undone on one of my paws right on the final sprint....grrrrr

Leon was stressed as he did it in 28 minutes, his slowest for a while...I was trying to explain to his beautiful 12 year old mind that you have to train to get on that note he declared he wanted to come on my long run with me on Sunday...selfishly I was delighted as he is delicious company and the time goes so much quicker!!!

We then went to the running shop to get my new shoes...sadly no size in for my Brooks...the lady remembered me and said she has told my story to lots of customers ( That when I came in I couldn't walk and then went on to do a HM etc). I asked them to check Leon's feet, and they said his Brooks were a bit tight...he ended up getting mens' size 7...90 quid!!!!!!!

So...long run today..I wore a waterproof due to the weather, and after the last 10k in Devon where Leon nearly got hypothermia he wore:


Running tights

2 tops



big coat

afer 1k...buff off, 2k, gloves off, 3k..'mummy I'm too hot', 'shall I carry your coat darling?' so there is me with all my gear on plus waterproof loaded with randoms, asthma inhaler, money and phone, buff wrapped around my wrist, his coat tied on my waist we looked a right pair. was a great run, a few grumpy cyclists we grimaced at, a few dogs, a high five and randoms for every 5k and just me and my lad chatting about stuff. I got a bit wheezy at one point and needed my inhaler, and he was so sweet and just talked me through ( I was fine, sometimes my breathing goes wierd and a bit horse!!). We did a HM in 2 hours 15...and I am a proud mum, hes a gorgeous boy and I hope he will always run...he is a total natural....

I so need my new panther paws, mine are flat and the pads have worn down..

Happy panthering everyone,



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Hi Juicyju- what a lovely post- you always bring a smile to my face. Sounds like you had a great time and how lovely to have your cub with you. I dream of a run that sounds as fun as this one day.x




Lovely Juicy. You sound very proud of your boy. As the mum of a 15 year old, I know what the teenage years hold but if you have a good relationship, you make it through the other side. And a fab long run too. Happy days!


I am dreading the teenge years, I hope we keep running together as it will keep me a bit close to him!!!


Great post - and running with your boy how fantastic is that. A good time too - well done both of you.

On the brooks front i too have just bought some new ones - they were jolly difficult to get hold off. Brooks adrenalines I ended up ordering them from brooks online.

Happy panthering


Thankyou Marathon Queen....I am still waiting for the shop to ring as my poor old Brooks struggle along!! Hope they are comfy and helping with the training??


Wow your kid is a great runner, you must be very proud. Very impressive stats there, I have never ran a sub 5min km that must feel very fast - 'speed' must be doing the biz for you!


That's a great post Ju (as ever), and a great 1K PB. You and Leon are a wonderful advert for panthering!


Aww thanks OldNed...


WOW JuJu, your PB 1K time is absolutely amaaaazing!! Brilliant. You should also get a further pat on the back for being a pack horse on your HM with Leon. I'm sure you must have looked fully loaded with coats, phones, money, keys, buffs, that kitchen sink which might come in handy, those old bellows from your grandparents house which may weigh a lot but they're dead useful on a run in case you need to blow some air up your fire grate!

What shoes dids't thou buy, pray tell?

And with regard to Leon's £90 shoes? Make sure you shove him up enough chimneys until he's earned enough top pay them off!

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ha ha..I know, I nearly fell over but at least with running thats a one off charge!! I am awaiting a duplicate of my current Brooks as they have served me so well I don't want to risk changing to others!


Great post as always. It's lovely you get to have great runs with your boy, even if you do have to carry a load of things. That just means you are training harder without realising it. I am sure it's the same as adding a back pack like they do on army training. Well done on your pb as well. Happy panthering.


Army it..although I have to say I just looked a bit bag lady-esque!! Happy panthering to you too.....


The Boy did good. Oh, and so did Mum!

(I think my boy is a similar age to Leon. No chance of him coming out for a run. Haven't even managed to coax him into cycling round the park with me running. - Mum's away in a couple of weeks for a weekend then. I WILL drag him out then! - Meanie )


You prompted me to remember how he started..and it was because I had to bribe him to come out with me on week 4 as I couldn't leave him home alone, and he loved it. Then when we started Parkrun that really got him hooked. We bought him a Garmin and that has been brilliant for him as he loves to beat his PB's etc!!! good luck with getting him out, bribery is your best bet!!!


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