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W4R3 - huffing and puffing but done it!

I am so pleased I have just completed W4. I may repeat it as I am puffing a bit and really really cannot imagine going for any longer. Also I did W4R1 on the treadmill and feel I ought to do all three runs outside. I don't know why I think that, its just me, I think I enjoying being outside more. I'm a bit concerned about doing this as the weather gets warmer. I got so hot and uncomfortable today and I don't want that to put me off. Maybe I will have to go out early mornings before it warms up too much.

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First of all no excuse well done for doing week 4 it's a toughie! If you feel the need to repeat a week that's fine that's the good thing about the program there is no rush xxx so take your time xxx I was gonna say if you need to run in cooler air try in the mornings I love to run then when it's cool and quiet I find it helps xxxx


Thanks TJ- yes I may repeat W4 tomorrow- I shall see how I feel when the time comes! Thanks for the advice- early mornings sound good- I just need to get up and out there, which I am sure will be easier when the days get longer. xx


I know what you mean about the heat. I'm running outside at the moment & it tends to be after dark & I'm still getting very warm. I can't imagine how I coped last summer when I started. Just goes to prove - we don't melt. (just feels like we might.)


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