Couch to 5K

4.5k in 39 minutes, ok time to give in and get a garmin, for a while there i thought i had made an incredible PB 5k!

This was my first run after my 5k post graduation run, i then tripped over and shredded my knee the very next day so no running for a couple of weeks! Could not face the flooded paths that get me to my favourite bit of of kent coastline so drove down the coast a bit so i could run towards home, then away again! Thank god the car was waiting!

Had done a bit of research on the gpmapometer website which i do rate, but didn't study well enough! I actually sprinted the last 100 meters just to see if i could (blimey, i could you know, now that is a shock!) but had i known i was half a km short i would have kept going.

Never thought I would have a gait analysis, buy proper running shoes, a shock absorber bra for 30 quid! Lycra clothes (i did, all of them) but now a garmin? i think i might be hooked, still 3 stone over, slow as hell, but yes definitely hooked!

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Hahaha, you and me both...running tights, tick, sports bra (managed without one of them for 50 years),tick, mp3 player (didn't even know what one of them was) tick, lycra top,tick and now a garmin 10 with which I am in love. It sleeps on my bedside drawers, all orange and lovely and it has definitely been a great motivator being so precise.


Thank you, it is reassuring that it will be worth the money! Lucky me, hubby has offered to get me one for valentines day (and as reward for reaching my valentine's day quest!

Can't believe i'm going for pink, will fit in with pink and black aldi lycra...i now have no shame...where did that come from?! have a lot to answer for!


I haven't yet succumbed to any pink... but I sense my deeply buried inner girl beginning to consider considering it.

I would however then need to run with a paper bag on my head so I couldn't be recognised by anyone who knows me :D


Go on, i dare you!


Hi! Well done, I am sure you will get that pb soon!

Loving the lycra and pink thing too - I would NEVER have worn pink or lycra before c25k... yesterday saw me out for a 10km in bright pink long sleeve lycra top with reflective bits on it; black with pink neon trim baseball cap (due to winter sun/keeping head warm) neon pink trimmed bum bag for my phone,keys and tissues, and luminous pink buff from Aldi! It all matched my bright pink face when I had finished my run! :-)


Oh, and I love my garmin too! Runkeeper was fine but adjusting the map after every run (why doesn't it stick to the roads?) was a pain!


I see you all and raise one light weight karrimor jacket in fuschia pink for when it's drizzling!! Seriously though, 3months ago I would never have believed that I would be so into this that I would wear lycra, find my inner love of pink and have a garmin on my Xmas list. I have this great pair of purple 118 style shorts that I will be prancing around in come Summer too lol.


Yey! Amazing! Well done :D look at us eh? I have just dragged a giant bag home from sports direct! I might not be able to afford food, but I will look awesome on my next run!! Haha...who'd have thought?! You will love a garmin, I can't get enough of mine :) hooked indeed - excited for you!


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