Couch to 5K

week 1 run 3

im repeating week one and this is my final run before week too. new personal best 3.94km. whoop whoop! had laura cranked up a bit louder and I ran better. shins arent aching....felt the thigh burn a tiny bit and feeling so good about this. to top off the good mood ive lost 1/2 a stone since the new year! im so proud ofmyself. lilooking forward to completing the color run in the summer! whoop whoop! time for zumba now! :-)

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Brilliant! Well done!


Well done, especially on your weight loss. I have just restarted the C25K and did W1R3 this morning. I shall be on week 2 with you! Good luck with your next 3 runs. Best wishes.


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