Running to the shops!

Well it's really raining and freezing outside but I am only 1km off my 75km target for the month!! 1km! Don't ask!

So husband suggested to run into town for an errand (which I need to do anyway) and back (maybe 4km) - I had never consider running for a reason!? But it might keep me going in this horrid weather! It's downhill there and worried that if I stop for a few mins coming back will be hard especially up hill.

I am posting on here to make sure I do it! And it is another run for a jantastic :-) and I like being =1 for my area!

Happy runnings everyone

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  • Just the thought! I'd love to be able to do that! I will one day. Fantastic.

  • I will be running to the bank on Saturday! Shame they wont give me some money to do it!!

    S X

  • I am back and it was really fun! They were quick in chemist and I did a few stretches while waiting and got up the hill on the way back without stopping! Yay! All together 5.5km- it was such a sense of freedom! Thanks guys x

  • I was out this morning too. In the snow!!!! Eeeeek. Felt good though, when I'd finished

    Well done Hules. Another run ticked off. Now for the next one ........

  • Wow snow! You are lucky- I love snow! I would love to run in snow- as long as it's not too icy :-)

  • Go Hules look at you. Yes bring that snow down here please Misswobble. Now there's feeling pious running in the rain, but in the snow! We'd be beaming. :-D

  • Wow that's some kms, well done you! I love padding over fresh snow too, but none for us so far this winter so I'm jealous misswobble. ;-)

  • Wow, never thought of doing that to be honest! Well done, 75k?! Amazing :D

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