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Running to the loo!

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Hi All...

Strange question...

I am week 8 Run 3...running going well! HOWEVER...

For the last 2 runs I haven't been able to complete without needing to stop for the loo.

Luckily I am running through the town so it's not an issue - but I don't want it to be a habit and it does mean I have to pause.

Anyone else have this problem...and how can I resolve?

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Now there’s a thing... so, I dunno which number we are talking about!

I always go pee before I run... but the up and down movement can make the other one really wanna come... little miss UNM suffers with this on occasion. I dunno the answer to the latter.

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Karenlwarner73Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore


I'm wanting to do a park run...but no loos an route = problem!

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I've had this problem too.... 🤔 Sorry but don't really have an answer other than try n go before u set off. I've had to abandon runs 😱

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At the Open Golf Championship, the starter who sends off all the players stands at the first tee from about half past six in the morning until the last player tees off after 4pm, he was asked regarding the call of nature, he replied "I don't drink anything for at least 6 or more hours before I tee off the players." So no drinking anything for at least 6 hours before a run

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Loads written about this... and loads of info out there...

Pelvic floor exercises are useful too:)

This is a lot more common than you think, just not the sort of embarrassing thing you want to shout about. I posted a similar dilemma on either the bridge to 10k or race forum I can't remember which.

I am expert at pooing in the woods, behind bus shelters and in pub toilets. For my first few parkruns I took 1 Imodium before the race for peace of mind. It's easy to wee at will before a run but not to poo. If I can feel it's close I jog around the house for a bit to get it out before setting off. Still get caught out occasionally though.

Other advice I got is reduce fibre intake and dairy 24hrs before running, drink coffee an hour before (the caffeine can trigger an evacuation) and don't get dehydrated.

Oh, final advice, wear your oldest crappiest (ha ha) knickers in case you have to throw them away....

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