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Back in the running mood

I have been feeling not so enthusiastic about running the last 2 weeks and making excuses not to run. Well this week I got back in gear again, a few dry days so far and I have managed a 11.2km and today a 10.3km. Yes my pace has got slower, but am back to enjoying it again. Planning a different run on Friday to keep up the momentum.

So folks don't give up when things are tough, get out and kick some butt!!

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Oh you are so right and well done on your distance I will never manage that. Just in from my first run with the local runner club, just 3.35 miles but like you I got back out there, as I have struggled throughout the winter. I have also decided that my horrible devil monkey is now called DOMS - Devil on my shoulder, so I have to keep trying to beat him.


Oh well done Burstcouch. Getting our heads in gear is definitely the key, great distances too. But the key phrase for me is that you are back to enjoying it again. Woo hoo!

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