Couch to 5K

week 1 run 2

ouch! ouch! ouch! inside of shins towards ankles are really really sore. must be my technique. but I did it! in the cold the wind and the rain! whoop whoop! stressy headache from work gone.....nice deep sleep later! im sure I went further tonighy but forgot to set endomando! ooops! happy smiley bex tho! as a reward. ...a banana before a hot shower!

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Good Job!....rewards are always nice right!


Yes they are but don't overdo them as you put on weight! Which is not the plan. LOL Well done Betcha!


Well done! It is important to stretch after a run to realign muscles while they are warm and supple. It can go a long way to helping you avoid injury too. I use the set of stretches here.

Keep running, keep stretching, keep smiling.


just looked at the link you posted.....can the same set of stretches be used before a jog/run?


Well done!! I've just done my first run and up to the 3rd run minute my shins were really hurting after that they were OK. Weird!! I'm sure I'll sleep like a log tonight...I feel great!

Good luck x


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