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Graduation present :(

I graduated last Friday (woohoo!) then woke up on Saturday with a cold! I don't normally let colds affect me too much in the normal course of events but by crikey it has really affected my running!

On Monday I coughed and spluttered then gave it up as a bad job after 18 minutes. On Wednesday I decided to do a kind of modified Week 1 - run for a minute then jog for 90 seconds to recover then repeat - 20 minutes later I nearly booked myself in for a lung transplant. Same thing this morning I just can't seem to get enough oxygen into my lungs, I really didn't expect a silly little cold to have such a bad effect.

I think I will probably just keep going until the situation improves but I would be interested to hear other peoples experiences of running when under the inFLUence. :-)

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I don't have any advice, but feel for you!. Feeling like I'm just getting going and the fear of getting ill is pretty high already. Worry that it would compeltly de-rail me, so good luck, and hope you feel better soon!


I had to take a week off when it hit me. I felt like someone was sticking a red hot poker into my lungs when I ran. I took the advise from the lovely here and had a break and gave myself some TLC. Be kind to yourself. Hope you feel better soon.


I either had two different colds before Xmas or the same one came back and both times had to take a week off and it took me some while to get going properly again. Be kind to yourself - the bugs going around are horrible this winter.


I ran with a cold a while back - I was surprised at just how much effect it has. I had a bit of time off, but even after that my breathing was affected for a while and I needed walk breaks / shorter runs on getting back into it. The main thing is to listen to your body, and if your body says you need to be tucked up with a lemsip there's no point pushing yourself. There's a lifetime of running once you're better.


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