Any other fellow fatties managing to get through c25k?

Helloooo folks!

I'm a newbie on here and to c25k. I wondered if there are any other Couch to 5k'ers that are as overweight and unfit as I am. I'd love to hear how you're getting on as the weeks pass by.

At 6am tomorrow morning I will be stepping out my front door and into week 2...I'm shocked to find that I'm eager to progress. I'm only 5'1 and 16stone so my BMI is about 41, a proper fatty I am. Xx


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38 Replies

  • Another fatty here, with large lady lumps. Stopped smoking September, started couch in October. Running for 40 minutes plus at least 3 times a week, but still sweat like a fat lass. Weight loss negligible but figure has drastically changed, have a figure rather than a series of lumps and bumps. Stick with it. Good luck

  • Oh yes me too! Less so now but I am 5'3'' and was a 16/18 when I started, now in Week 9 and a 14 :) All fat turning to muscle lol :) I keep meaning to weigh myself...

  • Just a little update, Fat burns away they don't turn to muscle.....what you would find is that as time goes by your weight will start to taper out this is due to you will start to tone your muscles ( which weights more than fat ) ...keep running.

  • Yes I am aware. In fact, muscle isn't heavier than fat it is denser.

  • Yep, I'm on week 2 too, just done run 2. Its great how this programme really is managable isn't it. It gets you feeling good about what you can do and builds up gradually. I'm 5'2 and 14st; not necessarily built for 'running' but who cares! I'm loving it :)

  • I'm only little too. I lost nearly four stones! Running helps get fat off round your middle Jambutty! Keep following the podcasts and Laura's instructions and you'll soon be Graduating. Don't worry about speed, style, breathing etc. Just do what Laura says and she'll give you running tips as you run. You'll soon get the hang of it. Good luck and happy running

  • Awwwww I thought nobody would reply! Thanks folks...I'm feeling the love

  • Lol, did you think you were the only chubster? Believe me that all shapes and sizes are doing c25k and getting fitter. Rooting for you!

  • I'm week 2. Feel good for do it and lost 4 lbs so far. Hope you keep go

  • Week 2 run 3 beckons for me tomorrow. Im enjoying it, though yesterdays W2R2 was tough.

    I didnt weigh myself before starting because its about my body and how it looks and feels not what it weighs. That said, between C25K and my new attitude to eating and my diet in general I must admit that one of my work shirts felt a little more comfy today already.

    I just hope I can maintain this and get through week 3 ok!

  • Never ran before. Over weight with raised cholesterol. I'm in week 2 Run 2 tonight and find myself changing shape with 2 kilos lost . Experiencing motivation like never before.

  • Yep it can be done I'm proof of that. I graduated last year and list around half a stone running only not dieting. Everyone commenting on 'how much I'd lost' when I hadn't I'd just toned up.

    What I have found though is that it's standing in my way now. I can't build speed and it's damned hard work hauling 5 stone extra around (5' 4'' and 14st 9 just after Christmas) so 2014 is all about weight loss cos I loved running so much I want to do races at 10k

    I'm also 50 this year and want to be healthy in my old age ha ha

    Well done in getting out there - it can be done!

  • Hi everyone,

    i'm a massive fatty too! i am only on day two week one and haven't managed to run 60 secs yet but i think i've been making excuses for myself. have 6 stone to lose. my ankle was nipping a bit last night and one knee. i must be lopsided on top of everything else! i will defo manage 60 seconds tonight if you guys did.

    really glad you posted jam_butty!

  • Awww. Xxx

    Hope you're managing ok now. I finished week 2 this morning and found it ok. I really can't believe I've just typed that but it's true!! I'm dreading extending the runs but needs must. Just wish I could put down this extra person I have to carry around with me hee hee! Xx

  • helloo,

    managing fine now. i think i maybe was trying to go too fast at first. thank goodness for your first post. Its great to see all the answers. am still on wk 1 but loving it so far. thanks jam_butty

  • Hi yes I'm overweight bmi 30. I did couch to 5k last year but didn't lose weight. I love running & so now I'm going to combine it with dieting

  • Am prob the exact same statistics as u! Am now on W4 never thought I would do it as Im really good at making excuses but not with this I think it's cause its so structured maybe and each week terrifies me in case I can't do it but it also spurs me on to finish itso well done for making the first move into being a runner!

  • Awww fab!!!

    It does feel quite alien to me to be so enthusiastic over running of all things.

    At school I often represented them at a county level for cross country, I'd forgotten all about it until on one of my runs this week. I'm going to find my old medals and put them out where folk can see I think her hee!! Xxx

  • Loved your blog there's lots of us fattys out there running ive been running a year now and my shape has changed alot trying to run further this year to aid my weight loss upto 6.5 km now so keep at it good luck x kate x

  • I'm feeing the love big time now, thank you so much for the encouragement. Still finding my way on how to reply and post on here. Xx

  • Don't underestimate shape change through 'toning up'. I lost a bit of weight to get started. (I wasn't hugely overweight, but it was moving the wrong way). I am now a few pounds heavier than when I started, but am able to run, and am buying 'slim fit' / 'regular fit' clothes. Definitely smaller around the waist etc.

  • All sounds perfect to me...let's do this!! Haha!! Xxx

  • Hi, I'm also very over weight and just done run1 of week 2. Hoping the running will help with the weight watchers . Run in the dark at mo so nobody can see me only hear me coming lol. Have found this surprisingly addictive. Keep it up and well done to all fellow" fatties"

  • POWER TO THE FATTIES heeeeehee!!! Xxx

  • Me too! I'm 5'0 and 12st 3lbs at the last count lol. Just done W2R2 and will be starting Weightwatchers (again) this week.

    We'll be fit and slimmer in no time :-)

  • Oooooh I think that puts us both on the same run on the same day...or maybe only a day apart, I shall imagine we're out together next time. Xxx

  • That's a fab idea! Did last run of wk2 tonight but it was before I saw yr message. Next run's in diary for Thurs....race ya! ;-)

  • (I'm scared of 3minutes eeeeek!!!)

    Thursday 6am, footpath outside my house, I'll wait for you. I'll be the fatty one stood in a t shirt in the freezing pitch black with a huge yellow Labrador

  • hee hee Laura doesn't know what she has unleashed on the country, all these larger overweight people pounding the streets, it is fantastic, i never thought i would be running in my sixties, overweight and never having done any formal exercises before, but like the people on this site i am love love loving it!!!!!

  • The council will be wanting to know who this Laura bird is soon, making us thunder along the footpaths, their road resurfacing budgets will be quaking!! Haaaa! Xxx

  • Anyone know what I should do....have n't done day 3 week 2 ( slept odd and could n' t move my neck) yet.Should I a) skip day 3 and go straight to week 3 day 1 b) do day 3 and just start week 3 after a day break and ignore the week structure...hope this makes sense.

  • Hi pot58, do W2 R3, it doesn't matter if this throws of the week schedule, an extra rest day is obviously what you need. I know it's a 9week plan but many people, including myself, have had to take longer :)

  • Thanks for answering.So did week 2 day 3 this evening....was hard going :-(

  • Hey but you did it!! How is the neck? x

  • We're both on the same run on the same days...yay!!! Xxxxx

    Keep going Sweetie. Xx

  • Thanks! I will be thinking of you tomorrow when I am doing my 1st run of week 3!

  • I'm not big, but I just wanted to commend you for starting the C25k.


  • Keep at it everyone! Just make sure you get out there and the fat will soon be a thing of the past. Signed A. Former-Fatty.

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