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Running with a group

Tonight, after promising to do it for months, I finally plucked up courage to go along to my local running group. Brilliant!! Everyone very friendly, lots of different groups at different levels and so much easier to push yourself when you're running with others. So to anyone thinking about it I would say definitely go for it! Wish I'd done it months ago! Can't wait 'til next week!

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That's just what I needed to read to finally give me the courage to go along to my local group. I've been wanting to for ages but will finally get on the case tomorrow.


I joined my local council one. Bit worried about walking into a room full of strangers but hey we're grown-ups right? We can do this stuff. LOL

Good look with your first run Lol


Thank you


I'm dithering about going along to one myself, it's not the thought of joining a bunch of strangers that stops me but rather it's a bus journey away and at 7-8 on these dark nights (it's completely outdoors), but come the lighter nights I will give it a go. Well done for plucking up your courage, sounds like you had great fun, hope you continue to get loads from it. :-)


Your so lucky.

The one I go to is so unfriendly. Hardly anyone talks to you. They just talk to people they know. Even when I've tried strike up conversation it's such hard work.

The good news is I found another one. Will try that one.


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