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Running with a club

Seeking the return of my enthusiasm, I went along to my local running club this evening. Loads of people including some I know from other places. I joined the one up from the beginners and we were definitely put through our paces. 4 sets of 400 meters - 4 sets of 100 - 4 sets of 400; the aim being to keep the times the same on the similar distances but do the middle set faster. Good to have someone there with a stop watch and a friendly structure to the evening. The programme changes each time to focus on different things. As great a mix of people as in this forum but I was pleased to find myself ahead of longer term runners.

It was perfect for me - I really wanted to skip the last run but persuaded myself to do it and completed the whole thing - so just that little push beyond what I wanted to do.

I will only be able to go fortnightly because of other commitments so plenty of time for full 30 minute runs in between to keep up the stamina.

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Oh I was just about to pm you... that sounds a good way of keeping you in condition ( sounds like a dog-grooming term sorry!!!!!)

Well done on going and finding nice friendly people.


I'll keep up with the bonios.

It was a very positive experience for someone who runs alone. I was a bit worried that there would be pressure to keep up in a pack but, because f the short distances, it was not a problem and there was anyway, a recognition that we run at different paces. There was one young man, well over 6ft tall and long legs running at almost twice my pace but that was ok. He didn't, after all, need to be in our group but that was how he wanted to train tonight.


It's the leg length... as a corgi I think it's unfair that it's 5 k for all of us when surely as a Great Dane person it only is half the relative distance... or am I just making flaky excuses again?😜

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It makes even more sense that we aim to run for 30 minutes and not 5k. 30 minutes is the same for all of us but as you say, the long leggety ones have an advantage over distance.


Well done. I joined a club too after graduating. I found it to also be a very positive experience. The club tonight started training a new batch of C25K. Because of new runners joining through the C25K groups they are growing very quickly. Enjoy. It's also a great way of finding out about 5K and 10K runs which you would not otherwise know about.

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