Well just come back from physio & it's not a sprained ankle it's tendonitis. I def can't run till after my next app. 6th feb , & he's given me some excercise to do every day . I can cycle in low gear & swim . Well at least I know now . Still painfull & slight limp when walking , it isn't the achilies tendon it's located on outside of ankle . Anybody suffered from this , & how's it affected your running . Any info greatly appreciated . Physio said it's not seriouse & I should be good to go if do excercises & obey instruction , but after googling it , it sounds like it could be a on going thing .


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  • At least you have a definite diagnosis now. Do the exercises and all will be well. If footballers can break their legs and then get back to doing what they do, I'm sure you'll be out running by Valentines Day! Good luck.

  • Ha ha thanks danzargo , your right ! But I am a drama queen & do like googling stuff & scaring my self . There is light at end of the tunnel but won't be doing that run round Central Park I promised myself when I visit at the end of the month .

  • Really feel for you It's good that you know what's wrong On positive note maybe you can use this down time to concentrate on strenthing your core and stamina so after you have all clear you can get back to running level ok Take care and do what physio says - you know it makes sense

  • Yes thanksfor60 , I've allready started strengh & flex & other excercises . Can't wait to get back I've really missed running . Started in oct & it's been part of my life since then , I know it's not a long time , but you do miss it .

  • Hi Rockette you might need to keep doing the ice if it keeps swelling up, and the elevation. It won't hurt will it. With the physio stuff as well you'll soon be up and running. It might not be an ongoing thing! Cross that bridge when you come to it. Personally I think you will be fine. Signed Miss Wobble, GP

  • Lol just messaged you actually , yes he said keep icing & elevate . I asked him if it would be on going thing , he actually said it wasn't , it's just I googled it & that said it was. Anyway like you say cross that bridge when we come to it . Just off out with the dog .

  • Really sorry, Rockette, I don't know anything about tendonitis so I'm not really answering your question. However, the internet can be a tricky one , full of doom and gloom, so I wonder if it's best not to take what you've read too seriously. Hopefully your physio's experienced and knows what he's talking about. So crack on with the exercises and here's wishing you a good recovery. I know you must really be champing at the bit!

  • Thanks Flossieflybow , it's peroneal tendonitus , & it's quite common judging by what I've read . Physio didn't seem to think it was a big deal , so I will heed your advice & stop looking on the net . It's so depressing not being able to get out there , but come spring , I'll be up & running again .

  • Thankfully you've got a proper diagnosis. Did you think you'd be chomping at the bit to run when you 1st started Couch to 5K? As you're doing stretch & flex already, that can only improve your running. You'll be getting great abs and biceps ready for the spring! Go you.

  • I know ! At first I was like , omg I can't stand this not running , I can't wait to run , but now I've accepted the fact & know it's prob going to be feb before I can run again so I've decided to start back at the very beginning , wk 1 do it all again with my daughter whose eager to start c25k ,so I'm starting it again . Come May I'll be back where I was hopefully . Up to feb concentrating on other excercise .

  • Every cloud has a silver lining Great you have inspired your daughter to do c25k and lovely that you will be doing it with her

  • Yes true fitfor60 & a friend as well is doing it too .

  • Hey, that's great! Was trying to persuade my 13yr old boy that he might try 'Run Zombie Run'!!

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