Couldn't run for my life...literally! That's scary!

Couldn't run for my life...literally! That's scary!

So, I look "fit", people comment on me being slim and how flat my stomach is etc and then rubbish my comments about feeling lethargic or eating rubbish and putting on weight. We all know what it's like to feel and see changes in yourself. It kinda annoys me that I'm almost "not allowed" to join in when everyone's bitching and moaning about themselves or "people like me that are just lucky." If I was attacked, I couldn't run away. That's a big deal. It scares me. I'm 28 and I'm starting to see changes now, even in how tired I am. I have a friend that runs a lot but doesn't feel happy with her shape or hasn't noticed change, but I'm jealous in a way that she is one of those people that can just run n run. I used to smoke, get a lot of respiratory infections or colds etc and I almost feel like I'm panicking when I'm running. I hear my breathing and banging feet and I panic. I want to do this. I want to be a mum and run around daft with my kids. I want to not feel like I'm going to pass out if I run for the bus. Mostly I just want to be able to say "I can run. I can do it." And even be able to enjoy it. I think it would help with my depression, better that I run and think and breath and feel positive after taking some alone time than going to bed and sleeping at random times and then eating things covered in cheese while watching telly like I do now :/ I feel scared?

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  • Hi Leez, first I just want to say that I think it's fantastic that you have these goals. You'll see from other posts on this forum that people in the general world can sometimes be plain nasty. I am the opposite end of the spectrum to you: very muscly and even at my perfect body fat will still be on the overweight/obese category. I started this programme because I decided, whatever my body type, I was going to be fit dammit! Even then it took me months to get up the courage to actually try. All I can say is that it is the best thing that I have ever done. Whatever my shape, I can now run for that bus and run a darn sight further than many of my friends. Give it a go, turn the podcasts up loud and keep posting. I look forward to hearing about your first run :)

  • I think people forget that just because someone is a normal weight and has a good figure that they can be 'unfit', on the other side people who overweight can be 'fit' too. Unfortunately I can't comment on being a normal weight but unfit as I'm overweight. I can however vouch that the programme will make you feel good about yourself as you complete each week getting fitter all the time. You'll have more energy and be able to mess about with your kids. The endorphins you get from running should help with the depression, in fact there was a great article in Woman's running before Christmas on women who are depressed and use running to help them recover. If you're worried about hearing your breathing and feet, you won't, you'll be listening to the podcasts.

    In short, give it a go, the people on this forum are great, use them as a sounding board and to cheer you on your way. Most of all good luck!

    P.s. Lovely photo :)

  • You are utterly beautiful and from what you have just said there is clearly a runner in you.. Take it easy, trust the programme and keep blogging so we can support you... Thankyou for sharing too :) we all have a story here...

  • Everyone here at the forum comes from a different perspective, but we all have the same goal and that is to learn to run. You will find we are all supportive. We want the same as you and therefore we will always understand were you come from. Whatever reason that has brought us here we are all in it together. Trust the program and you will see the changes you want for yourself. Keep posting.

  • Welcome Leez. You have found yourself in the right place for support while you "learn" to run. Do the Couch to 5K plan and trust Laura, she has got us through it and we come in all shapes and sizes. You sound like a determined girl to me, and that's what you need most of to get to the end. You may have little glitches along the way, accept them and move on and before you know it, you will have graduated. You will start to feel amazing as you complete the goals. I really hope running can help you with your depression, it's a bu**er. We are behind you all the way. Good luck!

  • Leez, it sounds as if the C25K will really help you, I know what you mean about hearing your breathing, I used (notice the past tense!!) to sound like an old steam train going up hill. I ran alone in the very early morning in the early stages partly for privacy! Now though I am happy to run where ever, I'm still not the fastest or fittest or thinnest (by a long chalk!) but I'm out there and it makes me feel great! I suffer from depression and this running lark really helps, the weather does not :0)

    So, my advice? Get your shoes on, plug Laura in and get going. Don't rush and overdo it, and notice the improvements. My fave part of running? A hot sudsy shower afterward!!

  • What Cloudchaser said x

  • Hi Leez143, I agree with everything the others have said and just wanted to add my support. I'm a slim person too, and know what you mean about being excluded from those conversations about bodies. Being a lot younger than me (I'm mid forties), you have a big advantage in that you are starting this now. Take it slow and steady, and keep posting :-)

  • I can empathise, losing weight was the last thing I did c25k for - although I support and cheer on those who are. Just because my bmi was on the low end of healthy it didn't mean I was fit though, the programme was a real challenge for me, as I know it us for most. All the best to you - onwards and upwards! :-)

  • The answer is simple. Easy. If you do this, you will achieve EVERYTHING you listed in your list of dreams. So here's what you have to do ;

    Do this program. Download the podcasts (, get some running clobber and go outside and do it. If you don't like outside.....use a gym.

    That's all you have to do! Told you it was easy. Tons of peeps on here have done it. So can you.


  • Hi Leez, as others have said,you can do this.Simple. Download Laura,take it slowly and have faith in the program.Come back here frequently for support and to record your progress.

    Lots of luck...give it a go :)

  • Well done for posting! It's a huge first step. I hope where you are you get some nice days. It's a really good feeling to get outside, and even nicer on a dry day! I think that when I'm fit I get fewer colds - but at the beginning I still had to stop quite often for a week or longer to recover from one. Will you post often and tell us how you are doing?? Good luck!

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