Week 4 Run 2 - Games to play whilst running

Thought I'd offer my take on things to do whilst doing a run, you need to tick off all objects

- Chrismas Lights still up (tick)

- Discarded Matress (Tick Tick)

- Convertable Car with roof down (Tick)

- Puddles that are deeper than they look (Tick)

- Over agressive lappy little dogs/cats (Tick)

- Car parked on pavement (Tick, extra points for a BMW - extra points)

- Person with extra wide shopping bags

Had a very interesting but rewarding run today - flagging at the end - but at least it was sunny.

Good luvk everyone.

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  • Dodge the lunging German Shepherd & jump the puddle are my two suggestions! :)

  • After the 2nd 5 minute run I was jumping nothing !!

  • I'd just like to add to your list

    - avoiding wide umbrellas

    - wet leaves

    - wobbly paving slabs

    - wet drain covers

    Good luck :)

  • Loving the suggestions .....

  • My game include how many nods, smiles and ignores I get.

    I live in a REALLY small town.

  • Add being run down by a mobility scooter

  • I'd like to add being overtaken by a mobility scooter! How embarrassing!

  • Hahaha oh that really made me laugh! I am starting the couch to 5k on Monday and was worried I would get bored not now I have this game to play! Thank you for making me laugh. Love the bit about the mattress, I will score myself 500 points if I see one of those.

  • Good luck on starting out, let the games begin.

  • Plus childminder with double buggy and 2 toddlers

    Woman with dog on ridiculously long extendable lead

    Man walking down road not wearing trousers or shorts - I kid you not, I saw him - worth 2000 points if I ever see him again!

  • I'm a little disappointed now, that I didn't see a man with no trousers or shorts on!

    Redditch Mark, when I say jump the puddle it would be more realistic to say a cross between stumble & jump! :)

  • I would also add seeing a fox or rabbit, or postman or pizza delivery, think I will play this on my run today.....thank you for the motivation

  • Well thank you RedditchMark. I played along today as I was aiming for 4 miles and needed some form of distraction. I can tick the decorations and puddles but that's all. It's amazing what you see discarded by the roadside when you look. Like 1 shoe! Anyway the upshot of it all was that I ran the 4 miles at my fastest pace yet. Maybe because I wasn't thinking about running. Thank you!

  • How about 5 points for adult cyclist in full gear riding along at full speed on pavement and 3 points for walking group of 10 or more seniors who will not budge an inch to let you pass without having to step off the pavement.

  • Nice idea for passing the time RM. My running bingo card from today's run included:

    Four horses (with riders)

    Two moto cross bike riders

    Several flocks of sheep

    No other runners but lots of walkers, all of whom said hello

    I guess you can tell I run in the countryside.

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