Fat lass running has graduated

During week one, before I started using the podcasts, I ran past a group of teenage girls and one shouted out, "Run fat lass run". Well I ran and now I've completed W9 R3. I feel absolutely fantastic.

I think the best part is the "everyday" fitness I have. This week I turned up at the wrong venue for a meeting at work. I had to jog/walk to another office carrying two heavy files. I arrived on time and no one noticed. Nine weeks ago I would have arrived late, out of breath and red faced.

I don't have any great plans to run a marathon or even a Park Run but I have signed up for Jantastic and intend to run 3 times a week for the rest of January.

Good luck to everyone following the plan, you will get there and it's well worth it when you do.


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  • wow, how wonderful. I'm so glad you weren't put off and that you can feel the benefits! congratulations big time :)

  • Well done you. Fantastic feeling isn't it. Keep it up

  • Aw, brilliant post! Hope you feel so proud of yourself, you deserve to. Congratulations and well done

  • Congratulations on graduating. You're now part of a big group of like-minded souls. We share in everyone's triumphs and lend support to the snuffly or injured. LOL It's great that you're feeling so much fitter already! You'll be even fitter if you keep up with the running. You don't need to run marathons or be competitive at all. Just run for fitness and enjoy it!

  • Fantastic.....well done ! It's good to know you were not deterred by the thoughtless comments from those silly girls.Keep it up,enjoy running .....you sound like you've well and truly got the bug now :)

  • Congratulations!

  • Well done - I bet you feel fantastic!

  • Congratulations! Yes, the impact on everyday fitness is wonderful I agree. Kept up with my ultra fit daughter on a New Year's walk and that's a first :). All the best with Jantastic!

  • Congratulations on graduating :)

  • well done! Love the way you sum up the impact on 'life'. I share that and it means I have smug moments after nipping up stairs, a walk up hill etc when I am not 'bothered'.

    If you have the chance for parkrun, do, because it is a lovely experience and the kind of thing you never imagined doing.... put your team down as NHS Couch to 5k.

  • Fantastic attitude......this way you're not getting caught up with distances, times, speed etc.....just enjoying it.

    How refreshing!

  • Fantastic well done!

  • Very well done. You showed 'em!

  • When you see them again, it is permissible to just smile smugly. Either that or if you are a bit lippy you can take a leaf from my book.I think I am the only local cyclist to wear a helmet- when some teen wit shouted "nice helmet", I yelled back "at least I won't get pregnant"

    I suspect they still are trying to figure that out!

  • Congratulations :)

  • Fantastic, congratulations!

    I suspect I have had more than a few 'run fat girl' comments over the last few months but with my music in my ears and turned up loud I haven't heard them! I don't know if I would have the courage to carry on if I had, so I truly admire your determination!

    Happy running graduate!! x

  • Hey well done you, you say that you not really going for a marathon or even a park run but you should consider the park run at a later date you would be surprised at how wonder you feel completing one of those . Something to think about ....." slow and steady "


    Thank you for sharing, I feel really motivated by your story x

  • Fantastic post. well done and big congratulations on graduating.

  • Congratulations on your success. I wonder if any of those silly girls could keep up with what you have achieved. I salute you and say to you "Run, Slim-lass, run!" Best wishes.

  • Aww I'm landed for you as I am just under 17 stone I've had more comments, jibes, sneers than I could shake my rain sodden glove at. So I just wanted to say well done !!!! :) I'm on week six run 3 to tomorrow so I shall continue to wobble and wheeze around my sneering jeering neighbourhood x x :)

  • Hi, thanks for your post. You're nearly there now, after tomorrow just 9 more runs to go, good luck.

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