Couch to 5K

Aquafit for cross-training? I think I really liked it :)

I have one more session to go with week 2 and have really enjoyed looking at the forum for hints, tips and inspiration. I have read a lot about cross training so I decided I would try an "aquafit" class on one of my running rest days.

Aquafit has been recommended to me a lot as I have psoriatic arthritis but I have always refused to go thinking it was for the more ... erm ... mature lady :) However, whilst I was the youngest there (a couple of years shy of 40) the workout was great and I really hope will compliment the running and be gentle on my joints.

Trying not to look too far ahead with the C25K prog as I can't imagine being able to jog for 20mins by week 5 :D

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Yea I always thought aqua was for mature unfit ladies (And im nearly 60) cos it was just playing about in water Oh how wrong was I It was first exercise I started after quite a longtime doing nothing putting on weight and feeling sorry for myself I love it and do it on one of my rest days I go into pool 10 mins early and swim few lengths first so all in all good workout Good for core and breathing and no strain on joints

Don't look too far ahead with prog just listen to Laura and she'll get you there Good luck


Hi mumtorun - I have psoriatic arthritis too and crippling levels of psoriasis until I went on self injecting biologic meds and methotrextate. It's stunning for me to be able to run at all when I was very disabled at one point. I do get very easily overtire but so far my joints have coped well.

Just take it one run at a time - you'll be amazed how you manage 5/3 - the programme prepares you really well for it.


Hi Lemondoodle. I'm on biologics too and they have changed my life - the fatigue was horrendous and I don't think I could have done any of this without the drugs. Horrible side-effects but you only have one life and you've got to live it.


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