Hoola hoop out

I had a light bulb moment earlier ! I was reading a running book & it said while injured & can't run work on your core strength , good idea I thought , but what ? Then I remembered my hoola hoop in the shed . So I googled hoola hoop & it's a great low impact cardio & good for building core strength . So I'm sorted . Just thought I'd pass this info on in case like me u didn' know


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10 Replies

  • Brilliant! But can you still do it? I had a similar light bulb moment and decided I should do some skipping - but found I simply could not get going! But that's also a good sign of how much I NEED to give it a go because it's these little things that catch up on us - we loose our skills and we become old too soon.

    Good luck with your hula hoop - I'm off to get one in the morning too! Sounds fun!

  • Well even if we can't do it , your still getting a work out trying . If your getting one be sure it's weighted & also it's at waist height . It's harder at first with one of those light ones , I can't really do much because of ankle but don't think hooping will hurt . There's loads of info on internet .

  • Fab idea. I was given one for Xmas and managed to do a full rotation!!! I think the alcohol helped. Need to try it again. Any tips?

  • I'm not that good myself but could do a few rotations when I tried last year . It's in the garden shed haven't been to get it out yet , but I will tomorrow , it's too windy & rainy at no lol .

  • It's a knack as much as the effort put in. Once you can get going add in fun stuff like stand one one leg, walk, walk with a turn at the end, do this with a fancy catwalk pose after the turn. The harder ones are hula-ing while sat on a space hopper/exercise ball thingy, can do that? Now lift a leg slightly off the ground!

    We had one at the gym, played with it on the rest stations, until they decided it was distracting us from our 'proper' workout. We also had a member of staff at the gym who had taught a hula hooping exercise class, she had us doing (or attempting to anyway) all sorts of things!

  • I'll have all on keeping it turning lol . But thanks ,when I get good I'll give it a go

  • How fabulous what a great idea, I think Ill go get one!

  • I know , just the thing while I recuperate lol ( hope I've spelt that right )

  • Skipping and hoola hooping! What a way to bring in the new year. My skipping rope is tiny. When I last tried it I felt my legs turned to jelly. Beads I can barely do 1 hoola hooping let alone put on a performance. Sounds good though.

  • I def won't be skipping , but when I'm better I will .

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