Some good news (and some bad)!

Some good news (and some bad)!

Well, I've been AWOL from this forum for the past couple of weeks, glad to be back! When I last posted, I was getting ready to run in my first charity 5K after completing Week 6, and I'm glad to say that the run went so so well! I've never taken part in anything quite like it, the atmosphere was amazing! Didn't manage to run the entire 5K, but ran 4.5K and walked for 500m at about the 3.5K point just to make sure that I would be able to run the last kilometer to the line! Ah well, I'll aim to get the 5K before I graduate, I was more concerned with finishing the race rather than setting a new record! But, on the plus side, I was the first 5K runner back for my charity (Bipolar UK)! The event had 2500 runners, and between us all we raised just over 4 million pounds in sponsorship money- very proud to have been a small part of that :) Also, having combined my running with a healthy new diet, I've managed to shed 12lb recently!

However... as misfortune would have it, I had made it through the run injury-free... but on my way home, I took a tumble down some steps at the station... and my right ankle didn't seem too happy about it and decided to swell up like a balloon over the course of the afternoon- I iced it when I got home (thankfully the OH was with me and went and got the car to save me the walk/limp home) and rested it up for a bit. I've been exercising gently this week and treating it gently and it seems to be ok again, just bumped and bruised a bit I think!

Having had nearly 2 weeks off, I think that I'm going to repeat Week 6 and try and ease myself back in gently rather than heading out for a 25 min run straight off- time to dust off the trainers and get out there again!

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  • Well done

  • Fantastic. Congratulations on completing the 5k and helping to raise so much money. You should feel rightly proud of your achievement and I hope your ankle is better soon.

  • Fantastic work. Take it easy on that ankle though.

    Looking forward to seeing that graduate badge after your name

  • Debs very well done a good result all round. Apart from your tumble it's quite easy to fall after running when our legs are tired. Hope it settles very soon for you.

  • Well done and look after the ankle.

  • Fantastic. To participate in something like that, and help raise so much money is great. Not only that you did 5K and your on Week 6. Good on you.

    Take it easy with that ankle though. Slow but sure.

  • Well done Debs - I didn't get to 5K until week 9 and that was still a struggle! Hope your ankle is better soon and good luck with your progression towards graduation : )

  • Well done! It's a great feeling isn't it? Taking part with other people is a good thing, although I'm not particularly competitive so how fast I do things doesn't matter that much to me.

    Go back out on Week 6, you won't have lost that much of your fitness so you should be fine. It's more important that you go back out and just enjoy it!

  • Great result. Well done you. Hope your ankles feeling better soon

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