Couch to 5K

I can do it!!!

This morning I finally rolled out of bed at 7... I had the best of intentions to be up by 6 and hit the road early... But my bed was so warm and I had a sleep deficit from my daughter's 18th birthday party last night. So after much grumbling and groaning I read myself the riot act and got moving.

The plan was to run as far as I could in an hour or so and see how my endurance was faring as I have a 10k race in 4 weeks... And have fun trying out my new Nano I got for mothers day.

Well I have to say I blew the plan out of the water... I started at a slow steady pace and an hour later was still going and feeling on top of the world! So I ran for another half an hour and covered an amazing 12k!!!! The best part was I felt like I could definitely go for a great deal longer or alternatively pick the pace up a bit.

When I got home a couple of minutes later my husband looked at me and said "but you don't even look like you've been running"! Bless the man, he is great for my ego.

So a very successful run, a big hit of endorphins and an increase in confidence in my staying power... Does life get any better?

I don't mean to sound smug but I'm having a proud moment...

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Well done you if u can do that now in 90 mins you be bit quicker in 4 weeks time when u do the 10k. Good luck with it and let us know how u get on.


Thanks... Faster is the plan. I can do 7k in 42min so I'll do some longer tempo runs and try to push it out to the 10k. Today was pretty cruisey... A fun run for the weekend.


Wow, that's brilliant ! And posts like that are just so inspirational - thank you for sharing. You deserve to feel smug :-) :-)


Thanks for your kind words Sfb, and to think in January I could barely shuffle for 60 seconds!


ah yes mari the dreaded start of the c25k podcast i was this is bad no way can i go on but hey the encouragement u get of here is so g ood u dont want to give up


why can't all runs be like this one???? what an achievement !! :)


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