Can almost touch it!

Eeek, W9R2 complete, one to go. So happy. Planning Saturday for my final C25K run :) Managed to run 4.2K today which I know is not very fast but it's done! Passed (or rather, was passed!) by several other runners out in the sun today. Must get this household back to normality after all the lovely festivities. Early to bed, early to rise...and all that. Enjoy the sun if it's shining where you are today!

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  • Hi, How exciting, I don't think 4.2K is too shabby at all. Let us know how you get on come Saturday. Good luck.

  • I think 4.2k is a great distance. I'm still only doing 4k in 30min!

  • Don't worry about how far or how fast. Just concentrate on finishing the last run. I wish you the very best of luck. Go nail it Iwill!!!!!!

  • Your doing fantastic, enjoy your graduation run and don't worry about the distance you will have plenty of opportunities for lots of 5k runs in the future

  • Well done. Good luck with your final run. have you thought about what you will do after. Im a few runs behind you so just beginning to think about it.

  • Well done. I'm guessing that 4.2k is a heck of a lot further than you could run 9 weeks ago! Good luck for Saturday.

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