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Eyes down for the traditional Boxing Day run!

...Well, 'traditional' since last year!

I hadn't run for 10 days because of awful weather, work, loads to do, etc. etc. so after yesterday's food and drink overload I was absolutely determined to have my Boxing Day run (last year, my first year of running, it was a brilliant counter to all the sloth and gluttony of the season!). This morning, it was COLD and frosty! a beautiful sunny morning though, so I got my kit on, base layer and hat included, and went out slightly tentatively to see how slippery it might be.

Fine! But I had to keep my eyes on the path ahead because there were some icy spots and the last thing I want is to slip and hurt myself. A guy the other side of the road walking his dog called out "Good morning, well done! But be careful!", which made me feel like Mo Farrah ! Occasionally I had to fall back to a walk I.e. crossing roads, but most of my 52 minutes was running.

Last year I ran down to a village 2 miles away but had to walk back as there is an enormous hill coming back. I've run down to Skeeby quite a few times but never made it back up the killer hill. I sort of thought I'd love to get up that hill on my Boxing Day run this year but the omens weren't good the last few times I'd tried. But today I DID IT!! I just kept going and eventually got there (to the tune of C25k+ Stamina). I feel so chuffed and ran back with a big dopey grin on my face.

As well as feeling I'd done something to work off the excesses of the last few days And achieving a goal, I also felt really privileged to be out this morning seeing the world wake up, the strata of mists across the valley melting away as the sun came up, the sheep in the fields, and the frost making everything defined with whiteness.

Happy Christmas everyone! Enjoy your running! Xxx

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That sounds a lovely run , fantastic getting up that hill what a achievement ! Congratulations & well done. I've had run this morning , I know what u mean about it. Being frosty I managed without slipping , really enjoyed it .


Well done Sooooooz! What an achievement, to get up that hill! 52 minutes of running is incredible and I take my hat off to you. I got out today as well, though struggled with 28 minutes. I blame the wine, bloody mary's, gin and tonics and brandy and ports. I can't wait for Xmas to be over!!


Oh my goodness, Soozz. You ran up the h*ll?! That's fabulous. Well done. So chuffed for you. :-D

I'm waiting for all the family to get up so we can go for a walk but I'm hoping to squeeze in a little run at some point (possibly soon if they don't stir pretty pronto!). I did 5K yesterday (my first ever Christmas run and a 5K PB, whoop!) so today I'm just planning some intervals and I'd like to see what my 1 mile PB is. Last time I 'Garmined' a straight mile was 3rd February and I did it in 13:11. Given that the first mile of yesterday's 5K was run in 11:34, I should be all set for an exciting new PB. ;-)

Just thinking about my new year's resolutions (for health). First one is to lose 1 lb per week (on average), so by next Christmas I'll have lost a further 3 st 10 lbs. I weighed in yesterday at 15 st 10 lbs, which is 24 lbs less than when I took up running. If I can keep this resolution, I'll hit my target weight by next Christmas. :-O Got to try and keep that in mind all year now!

The other resolution I'm formulating (having been inspired by a post on the c25k Facebook group) is to run 500 miles next year. I was thinking roughly 10 miles per week (do-able as 3 x 5K). I don't think that's overly ambitious. There will be weeks when I don't manage three runs and other weeks when I run more. I'm also hoping to start a 10K programme in the spring (probably linked into 5x50 which I've been persuaded to sign up for!), so that should help my total.

Are you still following a 10K plan? Is Parkrun going to be a regular thing for you now you've had a try? Have you made any healthy resolutions yet?

I hope you've had a fab Christmas and have an even more amazing 2014. xxx


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