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How is everyone combating the Christmas/New Year interruption to their running program?

I've just completed W6R1. I won't be able to run now until normal service is resumed in the New Year - we are visiting family for Christmas, have visitors between Christmas and New Year, then we are away over New Year. Things will get back to normal once everyone is back at work/school. I just can't see myself getting out running until then - is this just lack of motivation, am I making excuses? How is everyone else managing? And finally, what do you suggest I do when I do start again - repeat week 5 perhaps?


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Don't necessarily close yourself off to sneaking in a run - after all, its only half an hour and can be quite therapeutic at this time of year. But if not, its fine... it's not a long break, you could just carry on where you left off. Your expectations won't be too high, so if you do happen to find you are dragging a sack of Christmas pud and cake, you'll more easily shrug it off rather than thinking of it as 'failure'

I've just got back from my first run in over 2 weeks and if it hadn't been for a tree down, I think I might well have achieved my fastest average pace to date.


Completely agree with GoogleMe - I'm not going to beat myself up about it if I don't get out but want to take advantage of any small window of opportunity, even if only for 20 minutes. I think it might actually help me maintain my sanity to be honest - family only just arrived and already I'm itching to get out :)


Looking at the weather, I think I may consider sneaking in week 7 run 3 Boxing Day morning, as the sun should be shining and the wind much calmer, even though I won't be at home and that feels a bit weird, sorting a new route.

Yesterday was my first run after an 8 day break due to commitments and I managed 25 mins ok. So I'd say pick up where you left off and if you struggle, then go back a run or two.


My plan is to get out there Boxing Day. I went out this morning through the gales and rain and it was exhilarating so next outing is on 26th. Hope I'm not too hungover tho......


I was just about to ask the same question! My social life has hampered my normal running pattern for the last two weeks! I normally do a long run at the weekend, but haven't managed to the last two weekends, have managed two runs a week but much shorter ones. I've just finished work till Monday and will sneak in a run tomorrow morning (once I've got back from M & S at 6am tomorrow morning!)

I'm feeling guilty and am paranoid I'm packing the weight on, but it's not for a lack of not wanting to go!

It's a difficult time of year and even just one small run when I can is much more then I managed this time last year!


I'm definitely fatter! But I blame the Xmas boozing, custard tarts, dining out in fancy restaurants and not running enough. I intend to change all this after festivities....


I would relax, enjoy the festivities and dont worry about it.

If you can sneak a run in, all well and good.

If not, week commencing January 6th, do week 5 again and take it from there.

I've given myself a break but have a plan for the same week!

Happy Christmas........!


I think if you're very busy, and have lots of guests an in-laws in the house, you might want to sneak off and get a bit of peace. A little window of time just for you to chill out, clear your head, and shake off the cobwebs. You only need do 20 minutes with five mins either side for warm up and down. Anything is better than nothing I'd say. If you get a run in then you can have another mince pie or portion of trifle, without guilt


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