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New to running

Hi to Everyone...I have just started the couch to 5k this not new to exersice as I walk and also do workouts at home and with a slimming group.But running is very new to me.Ive managed to shed two and half stone over a year and feel now id like to try and run the Race for Life this year as im feeling much fitter.At 53yrs old my knees sometimes give me a problem.but I dont want this to stop me running.Anyone else in the same boat?..and any tips

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Hi dachsundlover

Well done for starting the program and on your weight loss achievements.

I am 53 too and have had problems with sore knees/toes for a couple of years.

I too have always done some sort of exercise, but never really believed I could be a runner.

I can honestly say if you follow the podcasts to the letter and listen to laura you will manage it.

Don't try and get ahead of yourself, just stick with it and you shouldn't injure yourself.

We all have good and bad runs, but we all feel fantastic when we've finished that day's set run.

Make sure you have good running shoes. Some of us blog about having a gait analysis done at a running shop.

I am on week 8 run 3 (this afternoon...should get off the computer!) and if I can do it...anyone can.

Good luck and keep us all posted!

I love labradors, by the way!!!!


thanks for your comments. sounds like doing well.Must admit since the weight loss my knees have improved no end.I will let you know how I get on...Labradors you can run cant with two Dachsunds.I borrow a friends Staffie.He.ll be fit as a fiddle soon!!!


Yep - 55 and creaky knees :-) - I had a few sticky moments in the first couple of weeks but think it was my poor old joints just getting used to the unaccustomed exercise.....that was also before I got my new trainers so may have been a factor too. I was advised to do lots of quad stretches (the front of the thighs) and they have helped hugely. What I always found however was that the knees (after an initial complain) would be fine while I was actually running but then creak like hell afterwards. (a good reason to keep running, eh?).

I'm now a proud C25K graddie and have had no real trouble with the knees since those early couple of weeks - they still creak when I get up in the mornings and I'm not too good at kneeling (as a trainee vicar this is embarrassing - will have to choose my tradition carefully when I'm ordained!) but they are definitely heaps better. Someone suggested that the increased blood flow is really beneficial. It was also suggested to me that I try wearing a Tubigrip bandage to support the knees while running (er - that should read TWO Tubigrip bandages - won't get very far trying to make do with a single one for both knees:-) ), but I must admit I've never got round to it.

Great that you've started - blog about any other issues you have and we'll see what we can do!! I am sure you won't regret this journey - you will feel amazing in a couple of weeks (if you don't already!) :-) :-) :-)


You seem quite similar to me, same level of fitness as you before I started, plus I'd also lost 2 stone in weight and wanted to get fitter. I enrolled in the Race for Life for July as an incentive and I've just graduated. Plus I'm 49.

Can't advise on the knees but re the programme itself, just do each week as it comes and before you know it, you'll be graduating! :)


thanks for your reply, Ive done the Race for Life the last two years and walked/jogged it last year,but this year I would love to beat my time and run it.When starting on the programme do I have any rest days?


Yes you have one rest day in between the runs and then two before starting the next week. I run on Mon, Weds and Fri and take the weekend off :)


Two rest days before starting the next week? I didn't know that. I've just been running every other day (except I did have two rest days once because there wasn't a good point on Easter Sunday to go out)


ive just started day one of week2. really enjoyed it and found it doable???....but the back of one knee is now quite painfull..I really dont want to stop running because im really loving it. but am I going to make the knee worse if I keep going?


Hi, I am also on week 2, after a 5 day rest!!! I did week 1 quite easily but after W2R1 I felt terrible, I hobbled home with the most unbareable pain in my hips...something I've never experienced before. On top of that I had shin splints. After resting I feel so much better, I ran yesterday but this evening I have a strange travelling pain in my right leg. So I have decided to wait another day and not run tomorrow, I think it's better to wait until you feel good to go, instead of forcing it.

I don't think you un-do what you've done, in the long run at least we can carry on! I am 43 and have just lost over a stone...still loads to go! Even if I have to leave 2-3 days inbetween each run...I'll still do it!!! Good luck :)

Reply sound a bit like want to do this.My knee is a lot better, I went to aerobics last night and got through it ok.Im going to wait untill Sunday before I run again, and see how it goes..Good luck and let me know how get would be nice to follow someone thats on the same weeks.


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