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Just beaten the storm

Sorry, not been posting, trying to locate an electronic device that hooks up to the internet, now that the kids have broken up from school, is a bit like finding the real Santa. Anyway, I have been running, keeping to between 30 & 40 minute runs. Last Fridays run was very surreal... Husband has always been fit, pro sportsman in his youth etc, (odd couple but it's worked for 25 years so far) anyway on Friday he came with me, he had to go quite slow, which I could tell was quite frustrating for him, and he kept trying to engage me in conversation (I can barely breathe never mind talk while running) but he stayed with me for the 30 minutes and told me how impressed he was, so another great achievement to be proud of. This morning , I dropped him off at work, due to his Xmas drinks plans, got home and went running. The geese in the park were a bit shocked at ridiculous a clock, but I enjoyed myself in the calm before the storm. If I don't get chance to post again now before Christmas (house really needs cleaning) have a lovely Christmas if you celebrate it, and keep running xxx

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Well done for getting out there and with hubby : -) Have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic running 2014


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