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Badge on the Way!!!

Just applied for my graduation badge!!

9 weeks ago I thought I'd do the first couple of weeks and see what happened - and now I'm one of those 'runners' (the kind that runs slower than most people walk- but that's not the point, right?)!!

I have been doing 5k runs for the last le of weeks and taking gradually slightly less time - best so far is just a touch under 37 mins. Yesterday, I'd planned a 5k but slightly miscalculated the route and ended up at home at 4.3k and exactly 30 mins. It was sooooo hot that I decided to call it a day there, and found that my speed was actually up quite a bit - if I hadn't been too hot I think I could have done the 5k in about 35 mins, so I'm pleased with that.

I see from other posts that everyone is struggling witht he hot weather too and I think it's really important to take it a little bit easy - I think I realised I looked a bit hot and bothered when the guy at the local car wash offered me a shower from his hose on the way past!!

Anyway - I'm there and have puffed and struggled my way through some of the runs, but feel great and apparently my thighs do look a little smaller - mission accomplished. Now I've got this far, I'm determined not to stop, it's taken so much effort to get tot this stage that I'm determined to keep running.

Thanks everyone for your kind words, I hope to spend more time on here in the future - keeping up with the conversations and even trying to offer some advice to my fellow runners going through the same thing will definitely keep the enthusiasm up!!

Happy running, everyone!!


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Congratulations! Enjoy your shiny badge and that glowing feeling, it's great! Lovely to read such a positive post, enjoy improving & spreading the word! :-)


Do keep coming back to inspire us. We are all struggling with the heat but we'll do it all - eventually!

CONGRATULATIONS! Hope you continue to have many more good runs!


Congratulations!!! I graduated recently and when I got home I was walking around as if I was Mo Farah and had just won Olympic gold! So enjoy the feeling.


Congratulations on your graduation! And enjoy your shiny green badge :)


Hurray!!! and congratulations.


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