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Week 8 Run 2

I continue my pattern of finding my second runs the toughest of the three (at least I hope Wednesday's is easier)!

I wonder if it's because Monday is my day off work so I'm not moving around as much throughout the day. I suppose it would be more of a shock to my system!

Anyway, my problem today was that I struggled to catch my breath, no matter how slowly I went. I just felt like I wasn't taking in enough air. I persevered but I was very red faced by the end and rather uncomfortable. But I mostly kept away from looking at my timer and seeing how long I had left, so the last bit wasn't too bad.

A slower start next time, I think, so I don't throw myself off right at the beginning. I can pick up the pace later in the run if I need to.

I still get numb feet at the end of my run, though. More in my right foot than my left and it gets worse during the walk but then fades quickly when I finish.

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Funny, I get a numb right foot also. Tried different ways to lace my trainers etc but still happens. Lets hope that as we improve it disappears.


Yeah, I tried lacing my trainers differently and it didn't change anything. It doesn't seem to negatively affect me (I ran for a few minutes on a numb right foot tonight and it disappeared near the end of my warm down walk) but it's just weird!


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