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Parkrun first time

The parkrun is an excellent next step for C25k graduates. Did my first one in Cheltenham yesterday having tried the route by myself a few weeks ago. It is a very different experience running with other people. I managed 33.14 and came 155th out of 175, but felt pleased just to have kept going. Next time I will take Laura with me as found it scary running without my week 9 podcast.

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Congratulations! Thats a good time too!

I would love to do parkrun but I havent got the confidence in myself just yet. maybe it could be my target for the new year.


Good target amyl You will love it


Well don and fantastic time


That is a good time. It's frightening sometimes when you see the reports from the Park Runs but everyone here has a good experience of the support offered. I'm like Amy - not enough confidence yet but I'm working on it. Mind I've yet to run 5K - it's a work in progress.


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