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Ron Hill tracksters!

Do they still sell them? There was a time when everyone who did any kind of outdoor activity wore tracksters. Discovered I owned a pair of winter tracksters and wore them this morning as it was so frosty. I was amazed that I fit them and they were really comfy and cosy without being too hot. I now have winter legs! And I didn't need to buy them!

Pink and smug!

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Yes, they do still sell them - and they're only about a tenner. They are nowhere as widely worn as they once were by outdoors folks! Once Tracksters and HH long sleeved vests were almost a 'uniform' weren't they?


And I have the HH long sleeved vest too! And very unsexy HH long johns (boys!).


I have some, I brought them a few weeks ago on ebay they were about 12 pounds

They are pretty comfy keep the wind out quite well and loose enough to get tights under if it's really cold, but I am not so sure I like the strap under my foot will have to wait and see if it rubs on longer runs


I hope they still make them as I need a new pair. I use them for cycling a lot and more recently for the c25k runs with Laura. I also still wear 'smelly hellies' base layers for biking, tramping, kayaking and other stuff. My Ron Hill tracksters have lasted for about ten years of mountain biking and the HH thermals about the same. So well worth the money...


Oh yes, they are still around. I have loads which I buy from Go Outdoors and I use them for walking, running and cycling.

As far as I'm concerned there is no need to spend silly money on fancy running gear, and just go for the tried-and-tested Tracksters and a running top.

I look forward to seeing more 'Trackies' around on runners, walkers and cyclists.

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