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Ya-hoo into w9 and I ran for 30 mins! Now that is an ACE feeling :)


That feels seriously good. It is amazing how quickly this programme can take you there. I am not one of life's natural born runners and I well remember how hard w1 was. So if you are struggling in w1 reading this, believe me, it all comes together.

Wore a new pair of winter boots today (-11C) and unfortunately they gave me a great big blister on one heel. Don't you just love expensive shoes that turn out to be crap when you go out in them? Wasn't looking forward to running with the blister but 2 plasters and 2 pairs of socks (for the cold) and it was ok - either that or my foot went numb. Couldn't have missed my w9 r1 though.

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Double well done! For doing your first 30min run AND for running in -11c! Where are you?! So near to graduation now - keep it up☺!

boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to Sandraj39

Mainland Europe Sandra - hot summers, cold cold winters. Remember -20C one year. Boy that was crap. Wore literally 2 of everything including 2 hats and 2 coats. I don't know how people ever get used to it, felt like my eyeballs were freezing up. Not so nice... dunno if I can run if it gets much colder than now though.


Nearly there

boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to nhs2015

I know, it is so exciting. My daughter has prepared a graduate diploma for me so I can't give up!


Well done!! Fantastic work!

boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to Old_trout

Thanks :) I wasn't so sure at the beginning that I would manage it but hey!

Congratulations for W9R1 and all the best for your final two runs!

You are almost there :)

boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to ShriRao

Oh thank you. If all goes to plan, I'll graduate on Saturday. Just have to give some thought to how to keep going afterwards. With the programme you are motivated to move onto the next step but I could get lazy, especially if it stays this cold!

Fantastic. Well done. There is a chair in the graduation lounge ready for you....

Oh thanks Jan. Graduation club sounds so cosy but also nicely elite :) I'm hoping I'll pull it off, r2 tomorrow but snow and ice everywhere today and I am a bit nervous about running when it is icy.

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