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Week 7 Run 3

Well, I gave up on the app and just used the timer on my iPod. This means I miss out on any helpful advice or encouragement from Laura but having my own music gives me a better boost than anything so...*shrugs*.

Again, I found today difficult. My legs just ache so much during the final half. But slowing down hurts them more! I force myself through the whole run anyway but maybe I should look into strength exercises-help my poor muscles out. I'm getting the hang of pacing my breathing but wanting to drag my feet across the floor for about ten minutes doesn't help my moral!

But then, when I think back I also found some of the earlier weeks really difficult and struggled with all three runs. And yet, I still managed to get through the next week!

I just need to keep my trust and faith in the programme! Roll on week 8!

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I stayed with laura as I needed all the help I could get, and she does give running tips as well. So , not wanting to miss anything I stayec with the programme some of the music was pants but never mind. If I think back, week 8 was not bad. Good luck with it


Good luck with the remaining runs .


Good luck nearly there now


Hello. I too find all the previous runs hard but looking back you can see the achievement from that first run in week 1......... I agree with Miss Wobble, the music is pants but I need to hear Laura just to keep me going. Nearly there now.....


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