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Failed run pain behind the knee :(

I hurt what I guess is my hamstring last time I ran (friday) with 5 mins left I just ran through it it then stop hurting after I walked home but today 20 mins into my run it started hurting again and I only managed another 2 mins before giving up to my walk since I was in the gym I thought well it will go away so I went on the bike for 10 mins and thought I would try my other 10 mins run but the pain was really bad so went on cross trainer instead which didn't hurt but on my walk home it started really killing me :( I don't want to give up my runs I'm really enjoying them I'm only 21 so not age related or anything very frustrating!!!!

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Get some rest , take ibrufen , don't rush it . If pain is still there in a couple a days get some medical advice , wishing you a speedy recovery love


Thanks Hun that's the thing it doesn't hurt now :/


I'm not a expert , but with all my ailments I've had ( running related) I don't think it's anything to worry about then . But still don't rush it have a few rest extra rest days


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