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Need to get back on track!

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Hi all,

I feel really self-conscious running in public. I used to go with my sister but she's now back at Uni and I haven't run for THREE WEEKS! Any ideas how I could get going again?


10 Replies

Nina, I run at 6am. It is dark, so no-one is about to see me. Like you, I have a fear of people seeing me!


I used to be self conscious but not any more. Just imagine that everyone else who's 'out there' has a head that's as full of stuff as ours are, then you'll be sure that they won't even notice us! Too busy thinking about themselves. Get out there and claim your space. You deserve it x


Promqueen is right, you may think other people are looking at you but they are really too pre-occupied with their own thoughts. If they did give you a second thought, they would probably be wishing they were out there making a difference to their lives the same as you will be! Try hard to just focus on what running is going to do for you and be proud that you are doing something positive for your health. Just get out there, hold your head high and enjoy it!


To encourage yourself, think of the benefits that you get from a run. Also each time you finish a run, you have achieved something for yourself.


I have just completed week 6 all on a tread mill. I did get to week9 last year before injury. Ran inside and out then depending on the weather. I am like you now and don't want to be seen out, but also envy those that are running out and wishing that was me. So I am thinking that may inspire others to get out as well .i am aiming to be outside by the end even if it means being seen. I want to let people know what I can do. If in doubt about what others think try telling friends what you are doing .you may even find a new running buddy. Good luck with the rest of your runs.


Just do it..........the more you get out there the easier it will become, I use to cringe at the idea of being outside wearing nothing much more than my tights, trying to hide my wobbly bum under a long t-shirt and thinking that everyone was looking but my son (also a runner) use to tease me by saying " Stop being a Princess and just run" now when I am out running (in my skin tight tights and waist lenght top) I just have to say to myself "it's time to take off the Tiara" works everytime, sometimes you just have to dig deep and fight for what it is you really want, no ones looking and if they are so what you are taking control of your own life.

Go for it you know you can do it!


I wear a baseball cap and stuff all my hair in it. It started off to hide away now I am finding I am startling people because this person running towards then waving their arms looks a bit mad till the realise it me and they Say hi as I go past. I'm not fast but the reaction I get from people is well done you. I thought they would laugh but most people are so supportive. Find a way to hide if you really need but go,out there with you head held high. I bet you are doing more already than a lot of people you know. Be proud.


It's cold out there, I wear a hat,, looks dreadful but does it matter? If I pass someone out running when I am driving past, I am always jealous that they are running and I am not. I never think about what they look like!


Get your music on and imagine you're still running with your friend. I feel the same way you do but it's only 30 min and then you're done. Have you ever judged a runner badly? So why would people judge you badly??


Thanks so much everyone for the fantastic replies! I used everyone's advice and hopefully will get better and better.

I waited until it was darker - it took until 21.30 until I had enough willpower and courage! Then I went out without my tiara (haha - thanks mummysaurus) remembering how much I envy runners. Unfortunately, one turning I took led me to a long, busy and well-lit road but I kept thinking that they really couldn't care less about me - and it got me through! Before I knew it, 5k done :) Thank you, everyone.


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